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In Pakistan, digital payment has the potential to take the nation to a cashless period market.
It is obvious as broad daylight that 5G are significantly quicker and economical as compared to 4G.
Pakistan marks itself as the 1st country to introduce new typhoid fever vaccines.
Auto Mobile Industry In Serious Crisis, as PTI government takes Hold
From now onwards IT Comapnies will quote prices in US Dollars to Foreign Clients
Pakistan Traffic Police has introduced new traffic rules
Qualcomm will be launching their Snapdragon 855 mobile platforms next year that will support 5G and AI technology to optimize user experience,
Business and First class travelers can now fly out from Dubai International airport without any passport.
Japan is conducting an experiment to provide jobs to disabled people living in Japan.
Japan's Hayabusa-2 space probe traveled continuously for three years to reach the moving asteroid 'Ryugu’.
The recently launched Planet Hunting Satellite, named Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or TESS, has already found an Earth-like planet, which amazes many astronomers and space experts.
American company, Apple plans to upgrade iPhones so they can unlock doors and your cars for you. The new Apple phones are and will be equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) chip that will allow their owners to open doors of houses, hotels and their cars.
For the first time world’s history, a Robot boat has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean without any guidance from human beings.
Two major Pakistani satellites were sent into space from a Chinese Satellite Launch Centre, in July this year. Now, these two satellites have become operational and their complete control has been handed over to Pakistani ground stations.
China has successfully tested its first Hypersonic Aircraft, which can carry nuclear missiles and pass through any anti-missile defense systems of the current age. The development of this new aircraft that can reach a speed faster than sound is seen as a breakthrough in creating cutting-edge weapons.
Apple's next iPhone’s will be able to accommodate two sim slots
You might have seen artificial waterfalls in science fiction films. However, some Chinese skilled architects have built the world's biggest man made waterfall (almost 350 feet high) on Liebian International Plaza that is more than enough to surprise its viewers.
Robots have received appreciation from the people around the world, by making masterpieces of paintings.
On August 6, NASA plans to send a special spacecraft named Parker Solar Probe to touch the sun.
We are posting this news to tell you about an amazing submerging power boat Seabreacher that dives underwater and even runs on the water surface at high speed. So, keep visiting BeEducated.pk for more interesting news and helpful material for education in Pakistan.
A startup company has introduced an electric flying car 'Black Fly', which enables anyone to fly without getting a proper license. For more news on technology, sports and education in Pakistan, keep visiting BeEducated.pk.
In Medford, Scientists have invented 'Smart Bandage' (intelligent strip) to monitor and treat complicated wounds, which will help not only fill the wound but also provide supplements to heal it quickly.
China claims to make a laser gun like Kalashnikov, which can burn human body and clothing by the distance of 800 meters.
People are amazed to know about the Japanese made new drone that can change its shape while flying.
Scientist have come across the building blocks for life on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus, where complex organic molecules are found..
Many people are amazed to know that Pakistan has developed a robot chef to make ‘Jalebi’, a traditional sweet of the country.
The Axact scandal is once more in the news headlines using its international clients allegedly getting 'intimidating' phone calls from the business. While international mass media has raised words and only the subjects, Pakistani clients never have received much attention.
About more than 65,000 aspirants in which 41,000 female and 24,000 male candidates will appear in medical and dental colleges’ admission test (MDCAT) in Punjab, on Sunday.
Teachers are ban under the new policy of Punjab Education Department if they perform their duties at more than one examination center in the Matric and Intermediate supplementary and annual exams.
The commission reported that the 5 years syllabus for this degree was giving rise to the bogus peculiarity as they were being taught for the first 2 years of degree were not related to the subject of meaning law, science, sociology, political science, Arabic and as well as English.
The Entrance Test for admission to medical / dental institutions of the Punjab conducted by the University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore on Sunday, 28th August, 2016.
Government as well as private school of Punjab have reopened today after two and a half months long summer vacations on the next day of independence Day.