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Police Bans the Use & Sale of HID Lights






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Police Bans the Use & Sale of HID Lights

The capital of Pakistan Traffic Police (ITP) has introduced new traffic rules to bring the standards nearer to the international level.

In the latest development, Hamza Shafqaat, the District official capital of Pakistan, has obligatory a part 144 ban on the installation, sales and get of High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights in cars.
The SSP capital of Pakistan Traffic Police tweeted confirmation of this step and same they might begin taking action from these days. The notification points to the very fact that HID lights square measure a menace that causes issues for incoming traffic and have LED to fatal accidents.

It has conjointly been detected that every now and then the HID lights put in square measure low-cost in nature and might cause short-circuiting that results in the vehicle catching fireplace. many similar incidents happened a handful of years agone and also the mystery couldn't be resolved till the makers discovered that the particular issue was custom installation of HID lights.

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