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Health Articles

5 Ways Getting Enough Sleep Contributes To Weight Loss for student
Weight loss advice is the hottest topic among the student. Here’s a breakdown of some important reasons that how sleep is adequate for maintaining a healthy weight.
7 Essential Morning Rituals of Happy and successful student
Follow the below mentioned rituals to live a happy, mindful and peaceful student life.
Is Popcorn the Perfect Healthy Snack for students?
Popcorn is really a healthy snack for them or not? It only takes the fewer calories or not?
4 Moves that designed for the students to Get flat belly
Are you a fitness freak student? Are you ready for the magical lower abs workout? Then you should do the below mentioned Moves at your own home.
5 Expert-Approved Ways for students to Boost up the Self-Esteem
Every single student have to undergo with those moments when his self-confidence plummets. But there are some things that we can do to overcome the emotional effects for better future and to build the self-esteem
7-Minute Total-Body Workout for lazy students
Are you a lazy student? Looking for the full-body exercises? Then you should give a try to the seven-minute exercises. For this routine you just have to spare the 14 or 21 minutes.
6 Good Reasons why students should to Stop expending Sugar
Why sugar is harmful for the students? Read the below mentioned reasons.
10 surprising Flatter Belly tips for students
Apart, there are numerous accessible tips that get the best outcomes in terms of Flatter Belly and keep on working for students consistently.
3 logical reasons why students shouldn't wake up at 5am
As a behavioral researcher, I needed to ask: Is this valid? Will you really be in an ideal situation getting up at 5 AM? Have a look on below mentioned reasons.
Overuse of smartphones making people inactive
When we come across the overuse of mobile sets, it generally auto-relate us towards the dumbness and laziness and yes, one more thing to remind it makes less productive, too.
Students trapped by Technology should participate in Co-curricular Activities
The main audience who are trapped by this technology influenza are our youth mostly students. This technology has boosted a strong attraction towards itself through different mediums of promotion.
Deforestation proving destruction in Pakistan
Sometimes these forest areas are converted into industrial state which is not only dangerous for the plants but all the living species surviving its heavy hailing.
Best 7 ways to keep your Heart Youthful
Here some of the curing tips to keep your heart more youthful throughout your life and for this you just need to follow the below best ways for a healthy living style.
Follow these ways to handle your anxiety
Follow these step and you will definitely come out of this thrilling problem of pain which roles as a chapter of your life book.
Go with these 4 habits for Self-Discovery
If you dream then make it a chore plan on which you have to stay stiff until you reach it. Regret all fears.
Massive destructive construction of roads and flyovers haze producing ailments in humans day-by-day in Lahore
Almost every third road in Lahore has become swaying and dump. People and children are being introducing to new ailments created through the secretion of such roads.
5 Character Traits of Mentally Tough People
Whether it’s a failed start-up or the business investments you made are going stale without any visible results. If at the workplace you have to put up with toxic colleagues or some family relationships are trying to drag you down.
Ways to Overcome Dehydration While Fasting
While fasting it is very important to protect the body from lack of water and salts, which can be accomplished by making a minor change in Sehar and Iftar.
Easy Ways to Lose Weight in Ramadan
The biggest mistake most people make is to start overeating in the holy month of Ramadan.
Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer and Avoiding Sun Strokes
Sun Stroke is a condition caused by your body overheating, usually as a result of pro longed exposure or physical exertion in high temperatures. Sun Stroke is also known as heat stroke.