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PM Imran Khan Launches Mera Bacha App for missing Children





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PM Imran Khan Launches Mera Bacha App for missing Children

In the current state of economic and political turmoil, Pakistan is troubled exhausting to pave its manner towards progression. sadly, the rotten security conditions of the country have affected the youth in a particularly negative manner.
However, to stay the long run leaders safe from any mishap, recently, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government launched the “Mera Bacha Alert” application to recover missing children.

KP government takes initiative to recover missing children through the “Mera Bacha Alert” mobile application!

Without a doubt, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sheer efforts are depicting the actual positive image of Pakistan, globally. Earlier in November, the provincial government had launched its application that helps in locating public bathrooms. to confirm safety within the region, the KP government can currently recover missing youngsters through the recently launched “Mera Bacha Alert” application.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI)’s official Twitter also shared the news!

Certainly, the created platform can facilitate the voters in addition because the involved authorities in sick missing youngsters. according to media reports, the Chief Minister of KP Mahmood Khan initiated the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the mobile application. reflective upon the forceful increase in paedophilic and abduction cases recently, the provincial government is tired to shield the setting.

Several different government officials also attended the ceremony!

Reportedly, the launch event was organized at the chief minister’s secretariat with different official attendees. notably, authority to the chief minister on merged districts and provincial government exponent Ajmal Wazir, officer of Police (IGP) Naeem Khan and Performance Management & Reforms Unit (PMRU) Director Muhammad Fawad conjointly attended the ceremony.

Previously launched by Premier, Pakistan citizen Portal has been speedily providing help to the voters. Earlier this month, to confirm an instantaneous response, PM Imran Khan himself checked the performance of inactive officers on Pakistan citizen Portal. However, the recently free “Mera Bacha Alert” also will be accessorial within the service providing Pakistan national Portal.

“Mera Bacha Alert”, an addition to the Khyber Pakhtunkwa national Portal!

Apparently, “Mera Bacha Alert” is an extension of the already amusive native complaints, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa national Portal. Speaking on the launch event, CM Mahmood Khan appreciated the PMRU officials’ efforts and exertions. Moreover, he thanked the unit for making the required “Mera Bacha Alert” application because it won't solely recover missing youngsters however also will discourage the perpetrators.
“It could be a priority of the government to confirm the protection of kids. ‘Mera Bacha Alert’ application could be a golden step during this regard”, Mahmood Khan added. Further, the PMRU officers briefed the Chief Minister on the event of the appliance beside its options. Certainly, the concept of making the “Mera Bacha Alert” application came in once the increasing range of kid abuse cases.

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