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A Pakistani teenage boy, Ahmed Raza, will do the coin toss today in a FIFA World Cup match between Brazil and Costa Rica.
YouTube has announced to provide new ways to earn money for content creators. According to news reports from Thursday (June 21), the company said it will now allow creators to set up paid memberships for their channels.
Bollywood’s famous couple of Deepika Padukne and Ranveer Singh have announced their wedding date to the world.
In Karachi, On the Occasion Of Eid Mahira Khan and Sheryar Munawar’s Movie “7 Din Mohabbat In” left all other movies behind in doing business.
In the past few days, a video has gone viral over the internet in which Shahbaz Sharif can be seen running in the streets of London.
Recently a bus hostess, Mehwish, was shot and killed by a security guard in Faisalabad.
"Polo" is a cookie style in which two teams of horse riders take part.
In New York Google introduces the convenience of sending and receiving messages on Android Smartphone through Computer and Laptops.
In Hong Kong Medical Experts Research Team succeeded in discovering AIDS treatment after years of work.
In Mumbai Bollywood’s Chocolatey Hero Ranbir Kapoor was asked when he Plans to get married. Ranbir Kapoor said, “Soon hopefully! :)”
In India Salman Khan’s Film ‘Race 3’, which was released on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr.
Last Thursday, Wife of former Prime Minister Begum Kulsoom Nawaz had a cardiac arrest after which she has been put on a ventilator for an indefinite time.
On Monday morning, Osaka prefecture shook with a 6.1 magnitude earthquake around 8 AM.
The proposal of playing all PSL matches in Pakistan has been rejected, but more than 8 matches have been agreed to be played within the country.
The World’s biggest and most popular event in soccer world is all ready to begin. The annual stage for FIFA World Cup 2018 has been set.
Drone Technology is proving its increasing value and benefits once again, as a single drone helped the police department to arrest more than five hundred criminals in Mexico.
Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee will be organizing a conference today for sighting the crescent of Shawwal, to announce the end of Ramadan and starting of Eid ul Fitr.
Bollywood Diva Priyanka Chopra apologizes for portraying Indian as Terrorists in an American TV Series “Quantico”.
Meteorological department (Met) has predicted that it will rain on Eid days, so the weather will be pleasant all over the country.
In Peshawar on Monday, Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan’s cousin Ms. Noor Jehan submitted her nomination papers for contesting the elections from PK-77 as an independent candidate.
The Government has announced an increase in the prices of petroleum.
For the first time in the history of tribal areas a woman candidate is taking part in the General Elections of 2018.
In Mumbai, the police arrested a man who was planning to kill Bollywood’s Sultan ‘Salman Khan’.
In Faisalabad, the police arrested a group of anonymous people and filed a case for trading 1200 babies.
On Friday, a man committed suicide after jumping from the roof of Masjid al Haram in Makkah.
First time in the history of Pakistan, a projects has started to trains transgender people to drive cars.
The British-Pakistani author Kamila Shamsie wins the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2018 for her book ‘Home Fire’.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Co-chairman Bill Gates called Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa on Thursday and appreciated the efforts taken by Pakistan for the success of anti-polio drive.
This year Eid ul Fitr holidays are announced to start from Thursday (June 14) to Monday (June 18).
Jemima Khan, Imran Khan’s former wife, defends him against Reham Khan’s allegations written in Reham’s Book and expresses her anger on defaming her son through the book’s manuscript.
Pakistan Cricket Team’s Head Coach Mickey Arthur lost a bet from Shadab Khan and had to take the whole team out for dinner.
Bollywood Action Hero Akshay Kumar’s Film Housefull 4 has given an explosive entry to Sanjay Dutt, after recently adding the famous actor Bobby Deol in its cast as well.
Recently, Pakistanis were angry at Lahore High Court for acquitting Khadija’s attacker and letting him walk free.
A Chinese villager in northern china was buried with his car instead of a coffin. According to various sources, he made the special request in his will.
After driving permission was granted to women in Saudi Arabia, now driving licenses have being issued to the first batch of ten Saudi women.
On Monday June 4, Reham Khan sent a legal notice to Hamza Ali Abbasi for defaming her on various media outlets.
The first song of Sanjay Dutt’s biopic ‘Sanju’, starring Bollywood Hero Ranbir Kapoor, has been released that is titled ‘Main Badhiya Tu Bhi Badhiya’.
Chief Jusitice Saqib Nisar heard suo motu case of financial corruption at the establishment of 56 Government companies.
Eid ul Fitr will most probably be celebrated on June 16 after observing 30 days of fasting this Ramadan.
This Eid ul Fitr, State Bank of Pakistan is reintroducing the service to provide new currency notes to the public through the SBP Banking Services Corporation via SMS.
In Saudi Arab, a widow saved money from her late husband’s pension to build a mosque.
Smartphones and tablets are creating anxiety in children and adolescents.
A Chinese school has installed smart cameras in classrooms to observe students behaviour.
The Danish Parliament has passed the bill to put a ban on wearing hijab and burqa.
The 2018 FIFA World cup will be the 21st event of its kind that is organized after every four years.
On Thursday, Chief Justice of Pakistan remarked, “private school mafia has destroyed public schools” at the hearing of extra fees case in the Supreme Court’s Lahore Branch Registry.
A German Bank has pointed out ten cities around the world, where highest salaries and financial benefits are provided to the employees.
International Cricket Council has selected Shahid Afridi to lead the ICC World XI.
After two years and five months, Punjab University has decided to appoint Dr. Niaz Ahmad as their permanent Vice Chancellor.
Europe’s Oldest Tree is in The Pollino National Park. The age of this tree is estimated around 1230 years and the interesting part is this that it is still growing.
It is the first time in domestic history that a women have become an Advocate General.
Saadat Bashir, an examiner, has being accused of harassing more than 80 girls that appeared for their intermediate practical exams at Bahria College in Islamabad.
Pakistan government and opposition has decided to make Ex-chief justice Nasir ul Mulk to act as the caretaker Prime Minster.
Two Russian pranksters made a prank call to Boris Johnson, the British Foreign Secretary, and had an 18 minutes long conversation.
Punjab police has received armed drones for testing purposes to deal with criminal activities.
Pakistani rupee is feared to decrease its value further in the near future.
Youm-e-Takbeer 28 May, the day when Pakistan became a Nuclear Power after successfully testing five atomic detonations in 1998.
In Pakistan, youngsters are going swimming in pools or water parks because of the high temperatures this year.
The Federal Government has banned Indian movies on Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha.
In India a Sikh police officer set an example of humanity after saving a Muslim boy from aggressive Hindus at a Hindu temple. Everyone knows that these scenes can be seen in movies but in real life its very hard to do what this Indian Sikh official did.
In Nepal, a 69 years old handicapped Chinese climbed to the top of Mount Everest even after losing both of his legs 40 years ago.
US Ambassador to the United Nation Nikki Healy was interrupted while her speech at Houston University, in Texas.
Recently, after a police raid on Peshawar University it was found out that it has become a home to criminals.
Western world, especially in America scientists are developing a new way to catch culprits known as Bacteria Print.
In Mumbai, Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan requested his wife to cook Biryani on Eid after he offers the Eid prayer.
Jawahir Roble, a 24 year old Muslim girl, has made football history after becoming the first female Muslim football referee.
Denmark’s Immigration Ministers One Statement is being heavily criticized in which she said Muslims should take a leave from work in the Holy Month of Ramadan
Friday, 1 June 2018, marks the start of summer vacations in the schools of Islamabad.
In Moscow, Worlds first floating nuclear power station, which weighs 21 thousand tons is built on a ship that will be available next year on the coast of Russia.
In Islamabad Private University announces a ban on boys and girls sitting closely together.
Bringing you updates on the Santa Fe High school mass shooting, which claimed lives of 10 people and left 10 or more people severely injured.
Board of Intermediate Education Karachi has delayed exams that were to be held on 21, 22 and 23 May because of the Heat Wave Warning in the city.
In Lahore, on the alleged breach of discipline Pakistan Awami Tehreek leader Khurram Nawaz Gandapur shouted at female students living in the hostel of Mihaj University.
Marvel is working on making a new movie, which shows a Muslim Pakistani girl Kamala Khan as a superhero for the first time that has been named 'Miss Marvel' in the Comic Books.
We are saddened to know that a Pakistani girl Sabika Sheikh is among the 10 people killed in Texas School shooting on Friday (18 May 2018).
During the month of Ramzan, many people eat spicy foods that are their favorite.
In China, Yanshan University is offering scholarships for all international students for the year 2018-19.
In Lahore, Private schools are receiving notices from the Education Authority because they are not announcing summer vacations according to Punjab Government’s orders.
Recently, during Google I/O developer festival new features in Google Maps were revealed for the world.
On May 15, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan charmed everyone on the red carpet of 71st Cannes Film Festival.
In Islamabad, school summer vacations are announced to start from 4 June 2018.
On Friday May 12 in Multan, Nawaz Sharif Ex-Prime Minister said in an interview with Dawn News that “Militant organizations are active.
Pakistan’s Meteorological department has revealed that the moon sighting for Ramadan might be possible on Wednesday (16 May 2018).
On Sunday, Pakistan’s High Commissioner Mr. Tariq Azim Khan established the first ever Muhammad Ali Jinnah Park at Winnipeg in Canada. According to news reports, Hundreds of Canadians attended the inauguration ceremony on 13th May 2018.
Many countries, including Pakistan, will celebrate Mother’s day on the second Sunday of May (13 May 2018). This day is celebrated worldwide to honour all mothers, motherhood, and their impact on the upbringing of the next generation in the months of March or May.
The first shipment of Pink Motorcycles have reached Lahore for free distribution among women under the Women on Wheel program.
In Punjab, private schools are disagreeing to change their summer vacation schedule as per government’s order.
Earth is one of the smallest planets in the universe although it’s large enough for humans.
In Daska, 5 year old handicap student without both arms can write and even draw paintings.
All private and government schools will be closing for the summer vacations from 17 May 2018.
According to sources, scientists have created a wall paint that will make your homes wall touchable screens at a very low cost.
This year UEFA Champion League final will be played between Real Madrid and Liverpool on 26th May. Champions League is considered one of the biggest football events for its fans.
In Punjab, research projects of government universities are still incomplete after allotment of Rs. 6 Arab 77 Crore as project funds.
Chief Justice Pakistan (CJP) Saqib Nisar has taken notice against all mobile network companies for their unreasonable deduction of money on mobile cards.
Pakistani Martial Artist Rashid Naseem, 32 year old, created his 26th World Record.
Great news for all under-graduates and graduates, Russian government is offering scholarships for all international students.
According to various news reports summer vacations will start from 14th May 2018 in schools of Sindh.
In California, Pakistani developer duo wins 2nd place in F8 Hackathon that is taking place at Facebook’s annual developer conference.
In Patna city of India some school books were distributed that contained a picture of Pakistani flag and girl on its cover.
On 4th May 2018, Punjab Assembly passed the bill for making the teaching of Holy Quran compulsory for Muslim students in all schools and colleges of Punjab.
Students there is great news for you, Fazaia Educational Welfare Scheme (FEWS) is offering Need-based and Merit-based scholarships to the children of serving, retired and deceased Pakistan Air Force employees.
In Punjab, Controller of Intermediate Examinations have formally asked LESCO not to cut power supply during examination hours in Intermediate Exams 2018.
Two Pakistani cities can be found among the most polluted megacities of the world.
Dania Hassan (18) is Pakistan’s youngest girl to receive the Emerging Young Leaders Award at a ceremony held in Washington.
University of Agriculture Faisalabad has organized a two days long science festival with help of its District Administration and Education Authority.
New Zealand Cricket (NZC) has confirmed that the Blackcaps have been asked to return to Pakistan for the first time in 15 years.
The world celebrates World Press Freedom Day (or World Press Day) on 3 May after UNESCO declared it in 1993.
You should be proud to know that Ten Pakistani Universities have ranked in the top 350 universities of the world mentioned in Times Asia Rankings.
Pakistan Government has announced a public holiday on 1st May to celebrate Labour Day and honor the laborers for their hard work.
University of Utah has built a special ‘Crying room’ for its students. We all know college to be a tough time.
On Sunday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) ChairmanImran Khanannounced an 11-point agenda ahead of a general election due this summer.
According to news reports, PIMSAT University students are appealing to Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) for verification of their degrees.
The future looks brighter for the young cricket players of Pakistan. Recently, Pakistan Under-16 Cricket team went for a tour of Australia. In the tour, teams were to play a single T20 match that Pakistan team won by 7 wickets.
Recent studies are supporting the claim thatsmartphones can cause cancer. The bluelight which comes from smartphones, tablets and LED lights can cause cancer.
In Pakistan, almost all cities are facing water shortages and it is predicted that the situation will only become worse in the coming future.
Everyone's heard of child prodigies in music, mathematics, and chess. But Ryusei 'Ryuji' Imai, an 8-year-old boy from Japan, is going viral for copying Bruce Lee’s exact moves from the iconic films “Way of the Dragon” and “Enter the Dragon.”
College students there is a big news for you, Vilinius Gediminas University is offering full scholarships for Pakistanis.
The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Thursday confirmed the schedule of the2019 World Cup, which will be staged in England and Wales from 30 May to 14 July.
Private schools are not returning extra fees as per court orders given earlier this year. According to previous news reports, High court ruled against the 8% increase in private school annual fees and ordered private schools to return all extra fees already charged to the students.
It’s shocking to know that Karachi’s Do Darya food street is closing down on the orders of Defence Housing Authority.
ICC ODI World Cup 2019 is scheduled to happen in England and Wales from May 30th to July 14th, 2019.
Yes! Avengers Infinity War is releasing Nation Wide this weekend on April 26. The latest part from Marvel Studios includes more superheroes than cinema has ever seen in one movie, and promises to tie together ten years of storytelling.
In Pakistan, whenever someone imagines a library they think of quiet halls and lots of books. Mobile libraries are a totally new concept for many people here. Yes, there are libraries built in containers that move around on wheels. Isn’t it amazing?
In Karachi, Hundreds of Intermediate students have still not received their admit cards. According to this year’s inter date sheet, exams will commence from 25th April 2018.
Chief Justice Punjab dismissed Vice Chancellor of Lahore College for Women University Dr. Uzma Quraishi and ordered a complete investigation on her illegal appointment as VC.
Every Pakistani parent tries to send their children to private schools. Because Government negligence towards government schools and education system is only increasing.
It will come as a shock to people of Pakistan that Sindh University has banned the use of Urdu language in their building titles and signboards.
Punjab’s Higher Education Department held a ceremony in the honor of position holding students of SSC and HSSC Examinations 2017, at Aiwan-e-Iqbal Lahore.
Information Technology University, has come to the help of every woman in Pakistan. Because they have developed an app that will help prevent women harassment in public places.
Due to Punjab School Education Department’s negligence 22000 Government schools will not be able to pay salaries to their teachers.
Two students from Quetta Mukaram Fattah and Yasir Jan have won 1st and 2nd positions in the Climate International Olympiad.
Department of education has completed the distribution of 39 million free books among the schools of Punjab. 2.4 million Books were distributed to students of schools located in Lahore.
The world is changing and so is Pakistan. Finally, the first ever transgender school of Pakistan is opening up in Lahore.
South Korean Scientists have developed a friendly robot for people who live alone. This strange and funny looking robot’s main purpose is to encourage you to keep in contact with your friends.
Government promised to start a solar energy project for Government schools in Punjab, back in 2016.
Recently in Pakistan, there is an increase in the awareness of female education. Express.pk reported that few days ago scholarship checks were distributed for merit based and need based cases among 32 male and female students in the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET Jamshoro).
News Channel City 42 reported that the High court has decided against the increase in the fees of private Schools from 5% to 8%.
According to news channel City42, the management of City District Government Boys High School (Islam Nagar, Shahdara) turned their students into labor workers.
According to express.pk, Sindh Government has announced a public holiday on 4th April 2018 in order to commemorate (honor) the death anniversary of Pakistan Peoples Party’s founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
All Pakistanis will be proud to know that nine (9) young and innovative Pakistanis have made in to list of 30 Under 30 Asia 2018.
According to a news featured in express.pk there are reports that Matric students in internal Sindh are cheating in their examinations, in all ways possible.
Be ready to fight the Dengue Virus once again. Dengue fever is a disease that is transferred through mosquito bites.
As years pass by, we hope that Pakistan will always remain strong. The day of March 23rd is very special to the people of Pakistan.
In recent years, Pakistan Day is regarded as a definite national holiday. Yet, most of the people in Pakistan have long forgotten the main reason behind this holiday.
The deciding match of the PSL 3rd Edition will be played on March 25th 2018. PSL final is only 3 days away.
Everybody is hooked on the matches played in the Pakistan Super League 3rd Edition. Finally, PSL 3 has come home to Pakistan.
The 2 year Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes have been discontinued from the academic year of 2018 and 2020, respectively.
In Pakistan, the number of students getting enrolled into schools are increasing by thousands each year. Thus more and more students are appearing in 9th class exams in the recent times.
There are not many literate people found in Pakistan, with only a literacy rate of around 58% (according to a survey conducted in 2016-2017).
The UK based renowned Physicist, Stephen Hawking, passed away peacefully on early Wednesday morning (14th March, 2018) at his home, in Cambridge.
Matriculation in Pakistan sets the future path of every student. So, parents tell their children to work hard and study so they can get good marks in the Matric Examinations.
Even though Hockey is Pakistan’s national game yet the love of cricket, somehow, runs deeper in our bloods than any other game.
Students are always worried about preparing and then appearing for their examinations. And once they are done with them, they get all relaxed.
The results are soon to be announced by the PEC, for class 5 and 8 examinations that took place this year, in 2018.
All students worry about their matriculation examinations, but once they pass it, they don’t have an idea about which field of study they should choose.
For the students matriculating this year, the time of judgment is here. Matric examinations have started in major cities of Pakistan, and every pupil of class 9th and 10th is preparing for his/her upcoming papers with the all kinds of fearful thoughts appearing in their minds.
Three students of the space science department at Institute of space Technology (IST) in Islamabad have received international compliments for their analysis on super-massive black holes and galaxy collisions in space.
Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Monday issued commands to jump begin the process for creating drug tests necessary among students of state and private academic establishments, a press release said.
World’s youngest certified IT professional and picture pride of West Pakistan, Arfa Karim’s twenty-third birthday will be celebrated on Friday (today).
The Higher Education Commission (HEC) through its Education testing Council has proclaimed a better Education Aptitude Test (HAT), which will be required to achieve HEC scholarships and acquire an admission in MS/MPhil programs.
The provincial government re-appointed Dr. Asim Hussain, the ex-Federal Minister and a leader of Islamic Republic of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), as a Chairman of the Sindh higher education Commission (HEC).
KARACHI: The Sindh government has taken an important step towards education and demanded on introducing Life Education Skills in primary schools.
The Axact scandal is once more in the news headlines using its international clients allegedly getting 'intimidating' phone calls from the business. While international mass media has raised words and only the subjects, Pakistani clients never have received much attention.
Education activist Malala Yousaf Zai proud of Pakistan while speaking to a press conference Tecnologico de Monterrey University new Mexico share that Apple Inc.
The date for F.A examination has been announced by the educational boards across the country. The FA examination will start from 5th of May. The date sheet for F.A examination 2018 will be announced soon in the month of March or April. All the educational across the country Punjab, Sindh, KPK declare the date sheet in April.
LAHORE: A press conference was held on January 15th, 2018 in Pearl Continental (PC), Lahore where Pakistani television and film actress, Bushra Ansari was present to tell that the Spirit Of Math Bursary for under privileged students
Even with all the advancement that people have made over the years, unfortunately, in some areas of the world, people are still unable to provide their children the protection they should get.
University of Karachi was established in 1953. This is the largest university of Pakistan in terms of regular students which are more then 24,000 and total area. University of Karachi manages programs like, Bachelors, Masters, M.Phil., Ph.D., M.S/MD in different fields.
5th class date sheet for all Punjab boards including Lahore, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Gujrat, Hafiz Abad, Jhelum, Kasur, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi etc. will be displayed in February. 5th class date sheet will be displayed on various websites so that every student can find them easily and have to face no problems whatsoever.
While talking to Masood Khalid about the Pak-China relations, he explained that Pakistan and China are already working together on energy, science, technology, infrastructure and industrial development so adding education in the list would strengthen the bond that both the countries carry with each other.
These Lahore board Urdu medium 10th class past papers will be helpful for you as you get an idea about the questions which may differ from that of your textbooks. Also, two or three topics are merged into one question which may be a new thing for you if you have never seen 10th class past papers before.
39 students of the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law were given laptops from the PM Laptop Scheme by Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair and vice chancellor Qazi Khalid Ali.
The BISE Karachi made history when it announced the introduction of a system that will deliver matric students their pass certificates, migration certificates and mark sheets within one hour.
On 14th November, Chinese Tech giant Tencent became the first Asian Company to cross half a trillion-dollar mark in market capital leaving behind Facebook and its regional competitor Alibaba.
In the wake of massive protests around the country, Pakistan Government has ordered all ISPs to ban Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media platforms immediately. In addition to the roadblocks, citizens are facing lack of any online connectivity
According to a report by Global Education Monitoring (GEM), Pakistan is spending about 2.6% of its annual budget on education. This cut from the GDP may be an improvement from previous years but compared to other countries in the vicinity (India 3.8%, Maldives 5.2%) and keeping in view the current literacy rate of our country (58%) the growth is sluggish.
The Roadmap ranking Chief Minister set up a selection committee in which teachers, principals as well as executive officers names were listed.
The Justice Mirza on the instant petitioners’ pleas directed the HEC to certify the degrees and transcripts of the students within two weeks.
These intern will be placed on the demand of teaching staff in the colleges for the duration of six months or less than it for this they will be paid Rs 30,000 per month.
he Initiative of free education for the transgender community has brought the university one more step forward toward the contribution of society. In which the university in positive response has started receiving the application for the programme said by VC.
University of the Punjab (PU) has stretched the last of admission for submission of the application forms for the programmes of BA/BSc (Part-1, Part-2 and composite) supplementary exams 2017 also with single fee.
Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF) is assembled for the empowerment of youth. The program is started by Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, it hopes to provide educational Scholarships to unprivileged students.
The power supply was eradicated due to dues Rs. 86 million that are still unpaid by KU.
Many illegal appointments were made by Haroon Rashid and then pro-rector of CIIT without any approval from authoritative body.
Teachers who have to impart knowledge can do much better if certain measures are taken for their betterment and to ease their mental stress.
Higher Educational Department (HED) got barred on different programs from giving admission to any student in different 18 universities.
A student was killed by rashly driven bus near Jamia Chistia Chowk in Faisalabad, in response to it his fellow students of Government Islamia College got infuriated
This ranking is the constituency of efforts being done from several decades, while providing best quality education and focusing excellence in academics, social responsibility, business and research.
Diploma mills in the country is growing like a yeast and is still functioning despite HEC efforts due to funding of influential personalities.
Punjab University (PU) announced that such as differently-abled students who are vigilant to get admitted in varsity are spared from depositing fees including registration, admission, tuition and all other charges.
The heads of universities also expressed their suggestions regarding the cleansing of radicalization and violence from students brain, while supporting Government and HEC concerns on extremism.
AIOU is also providing free education to the disabled students, prisoners and drop-out girls as a special case according to their policy of taking care of marginalized segments of society.
The admissions in PU programmes such as BSc (Hons), B.Ed, BBIT, B.Com, MA, BBA, M.Ed, MPA, M.Com and other programmes for the year 2017-2018.
Average number of youth were seen at the NA-120 polling station while supporting different political parties.
Due to the lack of quality in higher education Higher Education Commission HEC has shut down 110 PhD programs in public and private varsities.
On CPEC scientific research projects, Punjab University and Nanjing University have signed a MOU for joint scientific research to enhance cooperation in other fields.
“The private school owners brought out minor students on roads and took a great security risk. Parents also protested against this move of the principals.”
At the university-old Sheldonian Theatre, the dean of Business School, announced award for Azeemi in the end of course ceremony.
Bahawalpur Board announced Inter Part 2 position holders of 2017 Exams.
Lahore Board announced Inter Part 2 position holders of 2017 Exams.
VC said that such kind of measurements are being made for the first time in the history of the university since its establishment on October 12, 1882 to ensure cleaned admission without any self-finance, any-pressure and bribe.
To check the Food Standard Regulation 2017 in Punjab Educational Institutions, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has inspected banning of carbonated drinks in educational institutes to ensure compliance across the province.
Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has now extended the date of admission for students as they have allowed to submit their admission forms for autumn semester 2017 till September 28th.
To raise awareness and to create concern regarding the literacy issues in the world, United Nation (UN) is celebrating International Literacy day, today.
The concern has been expressed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) regarding involvement of the students in the hypocritical and violent activities.
This year with only four universities Pakistan is combating with different world most top 1,000 universities. So far, it is up to us to feel proud or shambolic over our representation in higher education at this level.
Students the wait is over as Punjab University has declared the result of BA/BSc annual examination 2017. This year around 2, 29,401 candidates were appeared in the annual examination.
Only once in a year the admissions in the college are open in Class VIII/GCE ‘O’ Level. The candidate who’s studying currently in class VII or have passed class VII can apply.
Quaid-i-Azam University has delayed the announcement of results of its graduate programmes many of the students are worried about their academic future.
Today Pakistan is celebrating its 65th Defense Day to commemorate the sacrifices of our martyr heroes who lost their lives in 1965 and 1971 war. These celebration will continue till 8th September.
A licensed therapist, Kati Morton, stated that grooming is the major tactic skill that the administrator use against the player to make them comfortable about the game.
Prof Dr Abid Hussain Ch along with the Registrar Dr Muhammad Khalid Khan and other officials reached the spot and informed the police and also to the family of the student.
To take selfies with different style some people have put their lives in danger too, even some have become a prey to death.
These programmes are for the bright students who cannot afford heavy fees of private colleges thus these programmes will produce qualified and trained technologists with ample practical skills in their fields.
For the first and second year, no student would be able to attempt exams more than 4 time in MBBS, according to the law.
According to Punjab Private Educational Institution Bill that was amended in 2015 such private schools are allowed a five percent increase whereas some schools increases its fee by 15% during the academic year.
All types of drinks including cold, energy and carbonated drinks are now banned in every educational institutions of Punjab.
Thousands of competitors from all over the world will be able to participate in an international competition. It is also providing an opportunity to the Pakistani students to compete by participating in the local version of competition.
HEC on its official site has posted a list of universities that are affiliated with the commission and had also mentioned the names of the varsities that are not affiliated with higher education institute.
The officials claimed that the big hurdles of the academic terrorism in MDCAT are health department, PMDC, Admission training academics as well as University of health Sciences.
The aspirants of UMT will get the chance of practical experience and internship via professionalism and a house job at the Surraya Azim Hospital.
The degrees that will be offered by the Washington Accord to the engineering aspirants would be reliable to acceptance and valuable in 60 countries across the world.
The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) agreed over the principle to increase the fees of private medical colleges over the specific condition.
Under Prime Minister PM Laptop Scheme, HEC of Pakistan will distribute around 200,000 laptops in the scheme phase-IV and V among the aspiring candidates.
About more than 65,000 aspirants in which 41,000 female and 24,000 male candidates will appear in medical and dental colleges’ admission test (MDCAT) in Punjab, on Sunday.
Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has decided to grant 700 scholarships to the candidates of Federal Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Baluchistan, according to the private news sources.
A new project has been launched by Government of Punjab in which the construction of girls and boys colleges in Rawalpindi is to develop in the region to deal the issue of admission.
On Thursday, he said that every school must be reopen on the September 6th, 2017. Whereas the school are reopening on August 15, 2017 which is terrifying the life of the candidates and the parents due to terrible weather conditions.
On the charge of embezzlement in the said university funds, he was found accused in the investigation under various cases.
Teachers are ban under the new policy of Punjab Education Department if they perform their duties at more than one examination center in the Matric and Intermediate supplementary and annual exams.
The commission reported that the 5 years syllabus for this degree was giving rise to the bogus peculiarity as they were being taught for the first 2 years of degree were not related to the subject of meaning law, science, sociology, political science, Arabic and as well as English.
Here are the names list of Prime Ministers that were once elected for the Pakistan’s Democratic Government and later were abandoned sarcastically.
Career Counseling Open Day UET 2017 going to organize and open Day at 28 & 29 july.
Queen Mary College Intermediate Admission Schedule 2017 and Last Year Merit List of FSc, ICS, ICom & FA check here to get admission in Queen Mary College
Kinnaird College Lahore Intermediate Admission Schedule 2017 and Last Year Merit List of FSc, ICS, ICom & FA check here to get admission in FC College.
GCU Lahore Intermediate Admission Schedule 2017 and Last Year Merit List of FSc, ICS, ICom & FA check here to get admission in FC College.
FC College Intermediate Admission Schedule 2017 and Last Year Merit List of FSc, ICS, ICom & FA check here to get admission in FC College.
A notification was issued by the education department in April, in which it was stated that all registration, examination and admission fee of matriculation and intermediate will be borne by the government.
This youngest mountaineer and adventurer boy has scaled infamous Gondogora Pass which is approximately 5700 meters just about 25 km south of the K2. He has also conquered Minglik Sir, which is highest personal record to date at 6050 meters.
The committee members appreciated the vice Chancellor of AUST for improving the financial matters of the university and approving of the start of various project with in the university.
The aspirants who have earlier passed their graduation from other varsities and wanted to appear in BZU, MSc/MA annual exams as a private candidate can get registered themselves for the university. It is important to certify that the candidates who have passed their graduation in 2016 and before 2016 are eligible for the registration of exams.
Anti-Corruption establishment (ACE) through recent development is investing since the last one year, in the corruption within BIEK.
“I feel honored that I am representing Pakistan internationally at one of the world’s biggest forums,” – Rohayl.
ARY claimed that its SSC service is the first “Made in Pakistan” rickshaw and car hire company and is a parts of its program “Be an entrepreneur”.
According to the officials of BISE Peshawar Board about 149,212 candidates appeared in the exams as regular and private candidate, from which only 65% candidates passed the exams.
The candidate who want to apply should have completed 12 years of education (HSSC) or equivalent to it. Also those who are waiting for their 12th year results can apply for it.
The Higher Education Commission extended the deadline for PhD scholars. At first the date to apply was 30th June but after some consequences AND BECAUSE OF Eid Holidays the deadline was extended to 10th July 2017.
The protest was viewed that while billion of rupees were spent on their studies, with no further planning to create jobs for the scholars either by the government or by the Higher Education Commission.
RAWALPINDI: In various categories across the province, including Rawalpindi Division about 4,960 empty posts to be filled by education department of Punjab.
Several vacancies for the teaching has been issued by the Punjab Higher Education Department.
IBA sukkur has announced vacant positions for the posts of principal.
Education Minister, Sindh, Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar acknowledged his failure to stopover cheating and copying in the course of matriculation examinations.
Syed Raza Ali Gillani, Higher Education Minister for Punjab has whispered that Rs. 2.28 billion has been assigned for the foreign languages program.
President Mamnoon Hussain said that teachers have to play their role to demote extremism and terrorism in the educational institutions according to the Islamic teachings.
University of health sciences Lahore has announced latest job opportunities for the knowledgeable, and hardworking candidates.
Applications are being offered from Punjab Public Service Commission under the Agriculture Department.
The Government of Pakistan has broadcast to offer 50 thousand internships to the unemployed youth from the platform of Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme.
Balochistan Director Education and provincial ministry of education has set up the special team for monitoring the government schools.
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Punjab Board 8th and 5th Class Position Holders 2017 will be available to this page.
All educational boards will announce the 5th and 8th class result 2017 today at sharp 9:00am.
Soomro quit her job to dedicate herself to teach children in Hunza village.
PUNJAB FOOD AUTHORITY has announced latest job opportunities for the knowledgeable, and hardworking candidates.
The University of Lahore, Lahore is hiring the experienced and eligible person for different posts.
Spring Admission 2017 is now open at Minhaj University Lahore.
Government schools are providing unsatisfactorily low levels of education in math’s and science. This signifies an entrenched experiment to the economic growth of Pakistan.
Director of International Islamic University (IIU) Dr. Masoom Yasinzai has requested for mingling the Islam andmoderneducation in the minds of youngsters.
Punjab university has announced the date sheet of LLB part 3 annual exams 2017.
Imperial College of Business Studies recently announced admissions in undergraduate degree program, graduate degree program and postgraduate degree program.
Nawaz sharif medical college has announced latest job opportunities for the well-educated, disciplined and motivated candidates.
The Higher Education Commission has headed to the universities to execute the decision of Commission’s to promote minimum qualification of 18 years for lecturers appointment.
Spring Admission 2017 is now open at Allama Iqbal Open University Lahore.
University of engineering and technology Lahore introduced solar training programs through collaboration with Punjab scholar development fund.
Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak voiced that we should focus on the skill-based education in KP.
Employment notification by Punjab Saaf Pani Company has been issued and as said by talented, experienced and suitable facility members are required at company at different positions.
Here on this page you will be given the latest job offers ofPEC Punjab Engineering Council 2017.
Balochistan public service commission invites application for various vacancies.
Recently, Pakistan Petroleum Limited has publicized career opportunities for skillful persons.
Higher education commission invites application for various vacancies from provision of Punjab on contract basis.
Riphah University Lahore is hiring the experienced and eligible person for the post of speech therapist and special education teacher.
Board of intermediate and secondary education AJK board recently announced the Date sheet for 9th &Matric Class.
E-rozgar program is special started to train ten thousand young individuals to earn money by working online from home using the internet. This program will make you equipped with the necessary IT skills.
AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open University) is hiring the competent and eligible person for the Professor, Associate and Assistant Professor and Lecturer.
The Pakistan state will get 50 American-style community colleges from the coming academic year.
Syed Raza Ali Gillani, on Friday, announced that the Punjab government attempts to expand teaching hospital and medical colleges in Jamai Punjab
Spring Admission for the session of 2017 is now open at Imperial College of Business Studies Lahore.
Hamdard University, awarded 1,395 degrees to studentsat the convocation, which is held at the main campus at Madinat al-Hikmah, Karachi.
City District Government Lahore (CDGL) and the Youth Councils for Anti-Narcotics (YOCFAN), declared University of Management and Technology (UMT) as a drug-free campus
Govt MAO College Lahore has announced Jobs 2017 especially for Under Matric (Male & Female).
7,000 posts of lecturers and 5,000 and PhDs staff had been lying vacant since long.
Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management Lahore has announced the short diploma courses for the young generation.
Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yusuf said that we need to promote the modern and Islamic education in the society and in the federal capital.
Pakistan institute of management recently offers admissions in lean hospital management short course for two months duration.
Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department Punjab Government invites application for various vacancies for provision of Punjab.
DMC Korangi Chairman Nayyer Raza has said government had taken steps to improve the Quality education at public schools.
According to the Syed Raza Ali Gillani, an all-inclusive betterment programme is in progress to develop for the progress of country over human resource development.
Home Economics College for Women will be upgraded to the university level in near future. Punjab Assemblymade this announcement here today during the 26th session of Assembly.
Punjab government has decide to make Quran-e-Pak education with Urdu translation for the Muslim students compulsory from first class to 12th class.
(AIOU) Allama Iqbal Open University has announced the admissions schedule for merit-based programs. Applicationts have to admission fee no later than March 6, 2017.
According to the latest news, all government schools need first-hand furniture for classrooms and more than 2,200 teaching staff is also essential.
Punjab University Examinations Department has announced BS second annual 2015 and first annual 2016 result today. Detailed results can be easily accessible at PU websitewww.pu.edu.pk.
5th and 8th class examination has successfully conducted by the Punjab Examination commission and the result will available on31st March 2017.
Lahore high court has recently publicized vacant posts of generator operator (BS-09), generator mechanic (BS-09) and washman (BS-03).
Allama Iqbal Open University has announced Spring Admission 2017 in bachelor, master and Postgraduate programs.
Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan campus Admissions Spring 2017 are open for MPhil and PhD pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical programs.
Technical education and vocational training authority has announced admission in morning shift in courses.
Govt. jobs are vacant in National College of Arts for Data analyst and deputy director.
(PTCL) Pakistan Telecommunication Limited recently announced various Jobs under different departments.
Lahore (Friday, January 27, 2017) – Chief Minister of Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is launching free training program for the young generation inthe Punjab region.
Monitoring association would be introducing exam monitoring system for 5th and 8th final examination 2017 in all examination Centers
The examination committee has extended the last date of Online Registration of Private Candidates for B.A. / B.Sc. Annual Examination 2017, which is February 6, 2017.
10-March-17 is the last date for submission of Admission Forms & Fee for B.Com. Part-I, II, Annual Examinations.Every student is authorizedto submit the Admit these Forms according to the decided dates and rules.
According to the latest info, on Sunday, January 22, 2017, Punjab University Examinations Department has given out the schedule of admission fee & forms for MA/MSc, Part-I and Part-II, Annual Exam 2017.
Average student’s demands free laptops for the work purpose and to complete the assignment and paperwork on time. Higher education commission decides to provide free laptop only to deserving students.
QAU has failed to make their university Campus Tobacco-Free. The bottom line is that the university employees were also involved in giving out the hashish and liquor amount to the students.
A specialist alongside Pakistani-American cause has been granted the NATO Scientific Achievement Award for 2016.
Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Multan has reported that the competitors of two residual projects
The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) and Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law (SZABUL)
University of Central Punjab, School of Media and Communication studies students of BS Hons.
Almost 79 private colleges over the Punjab have been announced as "illicit" colleges by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) will open its Secondary School Certificate (SSC) to PhD-level confirmations for spring semester 2017
School of Media and Communication Studies, UCP sorted out a seminar on the changing relations between Pakistan, China and Russia
Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), under the PhD association program, has offered grants for the PhD
The specialty of expression is an essential need that lives inside all of humankind.
The Special Monitoring Unit (SMU) of Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is propelling the Women Safety
According to the Education Minister Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar, the Sindh Text Book Board (STBB)
According to a private news channel, the dead body of the last year female understudy was discovered hanging in room
Government of Balochistan has chosen to give occupations to 20,000 taught youth in the area. The choice is required to be formally endorsed in the following meeting of the locale bureau.
The legislature of Punjab is finding a way to digitize the medicinal services and instruction offices inside the territory.
On Tuesday, The Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) affirmed the primary best in class Information Technology (IT) Park of the nation in Islamabad.
According to the official articulation given by the authorities, the grounds of Karakoram International University will be set up in Diamer valley.
Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in relationship alongside Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) will present a national arrangement on open separation learning (ODL) inside next couple of months.
All Asatza Alliance Punjab (AAAP) has declared that it will give back their honors and shields to the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif on December 31st, 2016
Almost 200 understudies of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) from Southern Punjab on Monday were given over portable PCs, under the Prime Minister's Youth tablet conspire.
President Mamnoon Hussain requested the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to do full assessment of 170 colleges across the nation to decrease the rate of defilement in academia.
Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) will present the 'Grants and monetary guide' soon for the minority understudies incorporating the Christian people group in Pakistan
Total 1,373 understudies graduated at the nineteenth Convocation of the University of Central Punjab (UCP). Out of those 1,373 understudies
The eighth conference of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore was sorted out on Thursday when 1,101 understudies got their degrees.
Lahore High Court has reported that distinctively abled people are qualified to be utilized on open legitimacy other than the share saved for the debilitated persons.
The Beaconhouse National University (BNU) granted degrees on 412 graduates while 20 of them likewise displayed alongside gold
Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (Tevta) prepared more than 1, 500 unemployed young people in modern sewing machine administrator course.
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Gujranwala (BISE Gujranwala) has issued the enrollment plan for matric yearly exams 2017.
Punjab state funded school Principals have asked Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to put a conclusion to political obstruction in training area.
The Govt of Punjab has wanted to convey 1 lakh tablets among the clever and splendid understudies amid 2016-17.
The High court of Lahore has temporarily evacuated the age furthest reaches of 24 years for getting admission to the 5-year LLB programs in Punjab.
The scholarly certiifcates of 12 nursing understudies have been discovered fake amid an examination did under the directions of Bahawalpur Division Commissioner Saqib Zafar.
According to the Global Education rankings for 2017, the Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) in Islamabad has been positioned among the main 100 universities in Asia.
Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) guaranteed that it has begun taking the applications from the candidates for Prime Minister's ICT Internship Program.
University of Health Sciences (UHS) has reported the results of Second Professional MBBS yearly exams 2016.
The board of interemediate and Secondary Education BISE Bahawalpur distributed prize money among position holders of Fa and F.sc.
University of the Punjab and Abacus Consultants collaborated to make an examination administration data framework (EMIS) to replace the existing one.
Bahauddin Zakariya University is welcoming the applications from the possibility for confirmation in LLB
National Assembly Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat at a meeting alongside Rana Muhammad Hayat Khan,
Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) has informed the applicants of its Lahore grounds to get enlisted in the fundamental Multan grounds
In 2017, The University of Nottingham is putting forth 10 grants of £2,000 worth each towards educational cost charges to the applicants examining in some particular instructive establishments of Pakistan.
Government College University, Faisalabad is welcoming the applications from the understudies of Pakistan to apply for Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarships.
A Lahore High Court (LHC) division seat on Wednesday incidentally allowed the wannabes beneath 12-year of age to sit in the exams of ninth class.
Administration of Pakistan is making another technique for the foundation of National University of Technology and Skills Development
The administration of Punjab has propelled "Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarship (SSMS)" under which the qualified male and also female competitors, as per the qualification criteria set for this plan now and again, will be allowed grants for Ph.D level Education at the top positioned colleges over the world.
The Beaconhouse School System composed its National College Fair in Karachi on Monday.
Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is making a procedure to change over every one of the universities into smart universities' by offering boundless web office for the digitalization of every one of its capacities inside the premises of colleges.
Kashf Foundation, one of Pakistan's driving microfinance establishments, has been granted the prestigious European Microfinance Award by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.
The board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Karachi (BISE Karachi) has issued the enlistment of Matric 10th (Science and Arts bunch) yearly exams 2017 for private aspirants.
Lahore: Prime Minister's Laptop plan is a progressive stride to enhance the extent of research and quality instruction in Pakistan and increment the entrance of data innovation.
On Wednesday, post graduate students of University of Health Sciences UHS were conferred with 71 laptops under the Prime Minister's Laptop scheme.
The fact finding committee of PU onLLB part 2nd paper“Mercantile Law”has now decided to give 5 grace marks to all the candidates in the exam on concluding.
UET the famous University of Engineering and Technology is offering admission in various fields of PhD now.
The Board of intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Sukkur has announced the results for intermediate part 1 2016.
A Pak-China desk was set up in the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) for the facility of students in Pakistan.
The interior ministry has asked Pak-Tuk international school staff to leave Pakistan before the 20th November 2016.
KU The University of Karachi has stretched the last date for the submission of registration forms of Bachelors and Master’s program and for PhD in Pharmacy for the academic session 2017.
The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE Gujranwala has finally announced its registration schedule for final matric exams for the year 2017.
The last ceremony at NUML National University of modern language National University of Modern language for laptop distribution was held at the university campus on this Tuesday.
A large number of students and other people are showing their anger on the question asked in matric examination of Allama Iqbal Open University.
A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between Pakistan and France which states that 200 need based scholarships will be provided to the poor and deserving students of Pakistan.
Punjab will construct two new medical universities in Multan and Rawalpindi on the instruction of Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.
The board of intermediate and Secondary Education BISE Federal organized a prize distribution ceremony in which they distributed laptops among the position holders on Thursday.
A 12 member team of young scientists of Pakistan from seven government and Private sector won bronze medal in the science fair organized in Boston, America.
The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE Lahore has issued the schedule for matric exams 2017.
University of Engineering and Technology (UET) awarded degrees to around 2400 students on its 23rd convocation.
A huge number students of Punjab Law College came out on the streets to protest against the unfair and incorrect marking of the Law exams which results were announced.
All the Punjab educational boards of BISE have announced that they will announce the 10th classresults for the supplementary exams held this year on the 12th of November 2017.
The Chevening scholarships offered to Pakistani students is now reaching its deadline.
11 female students of final year from the Sindh Madrassetul Islam University (SMIU) will leave today for the one month long internship program organized at the Chinese university Sanya University, China.
The Punjab government is thinking of closing the schools due to increase in the toxic and hazardous smog covering many areas of Punjab.
27,000 uncertified skilled workers have been issued free certificates by the TEVTA known as Technical Educational and Vocational Authority.
Professor Touseef Sadiq head the general body meeting of Punjab Professors and lecturers’ association Lahore division (PPL).
The University of Sargodha ( UOG ) has announced the registration schedule and procedure for the first annual exams of Bachelors this year 2017.
A ceremony for the laptop distribution was organized by Higher Education Commission (H E C) in Punjab University on Thursday 27th October around 11 am at Faisal Auditorium of PU.
The University of the Punjab is now allowing admission to students for the LLB (Bachelor of Law) three years program.
Once again fierce students of intermediate part 1 came out on the streets of Lahore after announcement of the results.
Board of Intermediate and secondary Education BISE Lahore has announced the position holders of Inter Result 2016.
PHD scholars get laptop under the PM laptop distribution scheme on Wednesday 31st august, 2016. Almost 80 laptops are distributed among PhD scholars.
University of central Punjab offering admission in undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs. Last date to apply is 22nd September, 2016.
University of Gujrat offering admission in bachelors and master programs. The number of seats for each program of undergraduate, graduate and PhD degree program islimited.
The UK has further increased the number of scholars. The UK government has increased the number of candidates from 73 candidates tin 2015 to 81 in this year.
Government of Pakistan decided to train a large number of young girls for Information and communication technologies programme so that they can become entrepreneur.
Gulab devi educational complex Lahore offering admissions in allied health sciences, doctor of physiotherapy and doctor of pharmacy (pharm D). Last date for submission of application form is 20th September, 2016.
University of the Punjab Jhelum campus, is inviting the application form for the admission entry test foe the LLB 5 year program. the last for apply is 6th september, 2016.
University College of Engineering, Science and Technology offering fall admission in engineering and technology programs. Last date of application submission is 22th September, 2016.
The Entrance Test for admission to medical / dental institutions of the Punjab conducted by the University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore on Sunday, 28th August, 2016.
Government of Pakistan ministry of inter coordination, Islamabad offering scholarship for master students. Last date of submission of application form is 19th September 2016.
Sidra tul muntaha (sidra khan) from Topi tehsil Peshawar, got first position in management accounting part 1 paper of ACCA by obtaining 100% marks in online test.
Punjab university has announced the BA/BSC results 2016 today which was held in the month of March and April. Thousands of students get admission every year in PU.
FATA University has announced admission in the mathematics,BBA, political science and sociology programs. Last date to submit form is 23th September 2016.
The Pakistan largest fertilizer manufacturer announces scholarship for the intermediate, graduate and master students. Last date to submit application form is 30th October.
Punjab University has started online registration in BA/B.Sc/ b.com part 1 for private candidates. Registration process will start from 1st September 2016.
Ghazi University, D.G. khan offering admission for undergraduate and postgraduate programs and the last date of submission of application form is 24th September.
Noureen kousar made a record in 9th class science group annual examination 2016 from Federal Science School Wapda Town Gujranwala by obtaining 504 marks out of 505.
Punjab University Lahore BA/BSc has announced BA/BSc Result 2016 will be declared on 29 August. PU Lahore BA/BSc Result 2016 will be available online at here.
Pakistani students has won the medals and cash prizes at Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship in Orlando, Florida which took place between (August 7th-10th). :
Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) planning to start Arabic language course for students and professionals. Last date for form submission: 9th September 2016.
All education board Punjab has announced the 9th class result 2016 today at 10: am. This year thousands of candidates get registered through BISE to appear in exam.
An inspecting operation shall be initiated all over the educational institute of Punjab. This is to insure the fool proof security of Punjab institute.
Board of intermediate and secondary education has finalized their arrangements for declaration of 9th class results 2016.The result will be announced onAugust 20th, 2016(Saturday) at sharp 10:00 AM.
University of Peshawar is inviting the applications from the candidates for admission in MS/Mphil, PhD and MS/Mphil leading to PhD for the academic session 2016-17 (fall semester).Last date to submit application form is 31th august 2016.
BISE Federal board has announced HSSC annual exams result 2016 recently. According to the announced result, once again girls grabbed top position in inter exams held in April this year.
HEC announces phase-II of the project titled "Provision of Higher Education Opportunities for the students of Balochistan & FATA" for undergraduate studies in all disciplines.Complete application form should reach by August 26, 2016.
University of engineering and technology, institute of business and management (IBM) offering admission in different programs University offers programs. Last date for apply September 3, 2015 and test will be on September 7, 2016.
Admission open in Institute of rehabilitation sciences Islamabad is affiliated with shaheed ali zulfiqar Bhutto medical university Islamabad. Admission open for doctor of physiotherapy (5 year program) and BSc in speech and language pathology.
Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has announced the results for Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) Part-II annual exams 2016.
Admissions open for autumn 2016 semester, in Matric to PhD level programs. Admission forms can be obtained from Main Campus Islamabad, Regional Offices and Sale points all over the Pakistan. The form can also be downloaded from website.
University offers engineering technology, allied health sciences, mathematics programs.Last date for apply is 31th august 2016 entry test will be held on 3th September. Result awaiting student can also apply.
University of veterinary and animal sciences, department of economics and business management offers BBa(hons), mba(executive), MSc in statics, mphil( business management) programs.
Isra University offers allied medical sciences programs as well as engineering programs.Last date for form submission is 26 august 2016 and entry test will be on 27 august 2016.
The international Islamic university of Islamabad affiliated with higher education commission (HEC) of Pakistan and Pakistan engineering council (PEC) offers fall admission through distance mode.
It is expected that the University of Punjab will announce the B.A and B.Sc result 2016 in the last week of August.
Punjab University, college of information and technology PUCIT (old campus) has announced the complete registration schedule for software and hardware short courses.
The Entrance Test for admission to medical / dental institutions of the Punjab shall be conducted by the University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore onSunday, 28thAugust, 2016.
Government as well as private school of Punjab have reopened today after two and a half months long summer vacations on the next day of independence Day.
The students of Punjab who are now getting admissions in the schools will be now granted computerized ID cards. These ID cards will help in preventing anyone getting fake admissions in any school or college across Punjab.