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Alert! Social websites can be harmful for students
One of the worst effect what I seen that had badly affected many of people life is that they have loosen the interaction with people socially.
Criticism ruins student self-esteem
Criticism is approached to us through our linked relations and is first practiced through as a joke which is with the passage of time make us aggressive and then slowly bury us in the grave of depression.
Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom Marriage Over Socially
Over the random conflicts within the family of Amir Khan’s with Faryal Makhdoom. Later, the couple decided to stay united together despite joint family togetherness. Now what happened next just after the dismal of few months, shocked the world.
These facts will below your mind
I know we love to know new crazy things auspiciously. Even if we can’t rely upon them but for the general knowledge we love to recover new things in our own created dictionary as brain.
Fragile Discussion of Political Issues on Social Media
My point of discussion is just not to heap the discussion of battle of political issues on media but it relates to changing theory that is if our youth thinks they are the blue blood then they should stand for the change.
Are tuition centers good enough as guiding valleys or worthless?
A good base of a student is always intended through the pickup quality of a student but in our educational system of Pakistan where school mafia and tuition centers in every house has impulsively taken the oath to blend the course only as a syllabus.
Putting life to threatened death not daring but extreme foolishness
Always choose your decision wisely in every field and don’t make such brutal pranks with even your closed buddy, as it might risk his or your own life.
Students trapped by Technology should participate in Co-curricular Activities
The main audience who are trapped by this technology influenza are our youth mostly students. This technology has boosted a strong attraction towards itself through different mediums of promotion.
Critical Issues faced by Feminism
When we talk about Feminism then it all talks about collective achievements. What feminist are fighting for are on insurmountable obstacle. But it is not all about Females rights it’s about modern Feminism.
Pakistan’s Youth and Modernization
Modernization is not a bad thing but the change in behavior and in social life is somehow is anonymous. In many aspects it has badly affected us like people had forget their religion, culture, ideology, language and their reason of presence.
Invasion of Culture in Pakistan
The free flow of information is misused by the powerful nations thus this process has become unidirectional gateway to India and America mass media for entering in Pakistan.
Best Age to Send Child School
A keen interested study of National institutes of Child health and Human development indicates that a child should be send to school at least when he/she is 4 years old.
Pakistan should step-up to help Myanmar Muslims
We Muslims need to stand up for Muslims Brotherhood by the 47 Islamic countries within the world for our Rohingya Muslims. We just need to put aside the disputes within us over the sects, language, customs and traditions and beyond groups just under the banner of Islam.
Never blame your child for distorting mindset
In some stance of life child abolish childishness and leads in becoming intolerable, stubborn and aggressive. The little that once were perceptive to be a shining star, wilted away.
Within 10 Years Intelligent Machines will replace Teachers
It is observed that in coming 10 years near future, such intelligent machines will be set up in which we instead of the teachers will be replaced by smart machines.
Student Unhealthy Relationship Explode Career
Making friends is not a crucial thing but getting involved in opposite genders causes damage to students career.
Being a Middle-Class person you can be fit in anywhere
As a Middle-Class mediocre we still owe blessings far and more from different classes in the society.
Perks of Friendship
Meaning of friend is beyond any definition as relaying on trust, values, respect, love and much more. Beside every meaning and its synonym friendship based on ‘Trust’.
Massive destructive construction of roads and flyovers haze producing ailments in humans day-by-day in Lahore
Almost every third road in Lahore has become swaying and dump. People and children are being introducing to new ailments created through the secretion of such roads.
Neglect sharing these 5 things on Social Media
Many people share their routine and other instant activities on such site to let people know about their busy routine which is sometimes prove harmful for a sharing fellow.
Zainab rape-murder: Was suspect Imran Ali known to his neighbors
New info has emerged in the case regarding the rape and murder of eight-year-old Zainab, that could shed light at the fact that the pedophile wasn’t stuck in spite of the fact he became well-known in the Kasur neighborhood.