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Japanese Cafe Uses Robots to Create Jobs for Disabled People



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Japanese Cafe Uses Robots to Create Jobs for Disabled People

Japan is conducting an experiment to provide jobs to disabled people living in Japan. The employees, who are physically disadvantaged, will be able to serve customers by controlling robot waiters over the internet, while sitting at home. 

Perhaps, our government will also take their example and make similar steps for people with severe disabilities, so they can find jobs in Pakistan as well.

Portable Robot OriHime

These Humanoid Robots has been developed at Japan's famous Ory Laboratory, which is already selling portable robots commercially, and now its engineers want to provide employment opportunities to the disabled people. 

Using the new OriHime-D robots, the operators can see the robot’s environment through a camera installed in its head, while a microphone is also installed so the operator can listen to the sounds in the robot’s surroundings.

BeEducated.pk wants you to know that in this way, the disabled will feel less lonely and even get the chance to make money by doing some work. This revolutionary step will enable people with severe disabilities to become a responsible and productive part of the society.

The company will test its famous humanoid robot OriHime (D) robot, which is 1.2 meters high, in a Tokyo cafe. This 20 kilogram robot has a camera, microphone and speaker installed on its body, while all this data can be accessed through tablets or computers. So, the employees will be able to use these tablets or other displays to operate the robot and meet their customer's needs.

Hope for People with Disabilities

Nozomi Murata, an ALS patient, tested the OriHime-D for the first time at the company’s marketing event to show that people with disabilities can easily use the robot.

CEO Ory Lab. Inc. Kentaro Yoshifuji said, “I want to make a world in which people who cannot move their bodies can work as well.” 

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Now, in the next phase, the robot will be tested in a Tokyo hotel, from 26 November to 7 December 2018, where many robots will work and all of them will be controlled by people with disabilities.

If this experiment is successful then, by 2020, a permanent robot hotel will be set up for people coming to Tokyo Olympics and Para Olympics. Once this phase is over, the Robots will also be used to take care of the elderly and sick people in hospitals.

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