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Being a Middle-Class person you can be fit in anywhere

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Being a Middle-Class person you can be fit in anywhere

Middle-Class doesn’t mean that one belong to the lowest class and could not bear expenditures. This is what I think!

I know as a belonging to middle-class, we made abjections in our life when we are not able to afford any expensive thing but on the other hand did we ever imagine that how long that expensive thing can be an apple of our life?

I think we never did just because always hunting our heartwarming comfort on others consumption. But you know there are so many advantages behind disadvantages of middle-class and these are,

  • You know the perk of saving money while stating from small amount and when you are in need you can resolve any issue.
  • Wear local clothes means trendy clothes but not from branded boutiques and still you rock with reasonable price.
  • You stay away from lavishness as the burgers do.
  • Still you are educated and your education role upon your character too. You have the guts to act representative at every kind of occasion either it’s a millionaire event or a small function.
  • You know the perk of happiness that creates through small moments either it occurs due to ‘Biryani’ made by mom or either you got a small surprise from friend.
  • You identity makes you struggler and no doubt when you do any work with hard work the victory is yours. Undoubtedly, 80 to 90 per cent of upper-class had lived a middle class life too before they reach such stage.
  • I have seen in many upper class families that even the family members living in same house but still don’t get time to sit together for breakfast, lunch and dinner because of their busy schedule, but maybe middle class are the lucky ones and they do care and are responsible to take care of their family member.
  • You guys don’t have mummy-daddy stuff in yourself because your life has made you much stronger to deal with such hardships.
  • You can get adjusted in any class of society whereas upper class even fears to think about being related to middle-class. Because middle-class knows how to cherish life!
No doubt, upper-class of society have different perks of life but still we should be thankful to Almighty for the way he has bestowed us life in a way.

According to my perception of knowledge we all are being examine through God’s vision and undoubtedly he has better plans for all of us.

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