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JPNA 2 Becomes the Most Successful Pakistani Movie of 2018



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JPNA 2 Becomes the Most Successful Pakistani Movie of 2018

Lollywood has seen many improvements in the last few years in comparison to Hollywood and Bollywood. In 2018, twenty five films were released and all these films broke box office records. While last year ten films remained super hit out of the total twenty Pakistani movies released. 


“Parchi” was the first film to be released in 2018. This film was presented in different cinemas of Lahore and Karachi for the public. This film was released on 5 January and this film earned 17 crore on the box office. It was deemed successful for doing great business and people were very interested in this film. The story of this film was written by Shafaat Khan and was directed by Azfar Jaffery. 

Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2

This film was released on 22 August, this year, and as it came on the box office it broke all previous records and earned its way to become the most grossing movie of 2018. This film earned 67 crore rupees. JPNA 2 is a sequel of movie Jawani Phir Nahi Ani released back in 2015. This film contains action, romance, fun and much more in which Humayyun Syed, Fahad Mustafa, Ahmad Butt, Mawara Hussain, Kubra Khan, Sarwat Gillani and Suhail Ahmad are the main characters of the movie. 

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Parwaz Hai Junoon

It is the second most hit film of this concluding year. This film earned 43 crore rupees and was based on patriotism. While the movie’s main plot characters are Hamza Abbasi, Hania Aamir, Kubra Khan among others. This film was released on 22 August on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. 

Teefa in trouble

First Pakistani film of Ali Zafar “Teefa in Trouble” was made under his production company Nightingale. This film earned 44 crore and it remained the third most successful film of 2018.

The Donkey King

Geo’s animated movie The Donkey King remained fourth successful film. This film earned 21 crore after being released in cinemas on October 13. 

Na Band Na Barati

This film was released on 16 June and this film earned 14 crore on box office. This film story revolves around two brothers who live in Canada. 

Load Wedding

In this film Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat performed well and this film was released on 22 August and this film earned 13 crore on box office. Load wedding definitely won people’s hearts with its beautiful story and songs.

Other Successful Films

More successful movies include Saat Din Mohabat In, starring Mahira Khan earned 13 crore and the film was released on 16 June this year.  Another one is titled “Cake” that was released on March 30 and this film bagged an award in London for the best director category.

Allah Yaar and the Legend, Wajood and Jackpot were also presented in cinemas this year. However, the crown of most successful Pakistani film of 2018 went to “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2”. For more entertainment news keep visiting our website as much as possible. 

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