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Why Health Matters to education: Causes and solution



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Why Health Matters to education: Causes and solution

Health is vitally important whether a student is in college, school and university! But why is important for a student? This article explains why it is important and its Causes and effects. 

Why is fitness important? 

Fitness not only revolves around improving staying powerful but it also all about flexibility and physical movement. Fitness and regular exercise doesn’t have only effects on the heart health, but also make the student stronger and make their muscle more efficient. Additional benefits of good health are improved cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduced fats and less risk of heart attack. For good health you have to sleep for 8 hours, so your energy totally boosts up, and you feel energetic. 

Causes of bad health; 

  • Smoking;

I’m sure that smoking is really bad for the health. It offers many side effects to the student health for example lung cancer, complicated pregnancy, and heart disease. If you want to live longer, then you should say goodbye to smoking.

Solution; stay away from the friends or family member who are a chain smoker. 


Shortage of physical exercise;

Exercise is really important for every student because it won’t only enhance the physical fitness but also make you active, enhance the immune system, stopover heart diseases, progress mental health and rule out the depression. 

Solution; enroll yourself in some physical activity, for example, swimming, cardio, aerobics, and jogging. 

  • Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is very common among students, but in reality it is very bad for students. It doesn’t only damages brain and body cells of students, but also the main reason for liver problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, insomnia, stress and anxiety. Consequently, you should say no to smoking for getting good grades in exams. 

Solution; say no to the Alcohol packed drink and say yes to the fresh water as much as you can.
  • Lack of Sleep;

Due to the bad health, some students experience suffers from the sleeping disorder, which makes them incapable to cover up proper sleep. Sleep problems are normally experienced by the students due to the job stress or emotional reason. In this condition, you should get consult to the doctor, because sleep disorder affects your study. Keep one thing in the mind that taking sleeping pills in this situation because it offers many side effects to your health.

Solution; shut down your laptops and mobile phones by 11 pm, and take proper rest. 


Poor Diet;

Students shouldn’t take the junk foods because they are free from all sort of nutritions. Despite of these things, one should take those things which are healthy and available in the market easily. Junk food is responsible for energy absence, become the main reason of heart diseases, increased cholesterol and damage your liver.

Solution; always prefer to eat proteins, healthy fats, fibers along with the proper water intake. 



When it comes to a conclusion, if you are too busy in studying, and don’t have time to prepare nutritious foods, then take the assistance from your parents. Now you have realized the importance of bad health for students, so live a healthy lifestyle and quality life. Remember life comes once, so take good care of your health and make the bright career.

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