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15 Year Old Boy Conquered Highest Passes in Pakistan



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15 Year Old Boy Conquered Highest Passes in Pakistan

As we all know that Pakistan is blessed with beautiful countless scenic places. It is also known for the adventurer’s paradise, while given its proximity to mountains, peaks, lakes treks and many more.

Enormous potential for are found here for adventure sports. But, we have never seen a youngster before, risking his life for conquering most unforgiving terrains in Pakistan, but now meet Shehroze Kashif, just 15 years old from Lahore, who has now become the youngest mountaineer in Pakistan.

He started his first expedition at the age of 12 and in last 3 years he has conquered several mountain peaks that are more than 4,000 meters in altitude.

This youngest mountaineer and adventurer boy has scaled infamous Gondogora Pass which is approximately 5700 meters just about 25 km south of the K2. He has also conquered Minglik Sir, which is highest personal record to date at 6050 meters.

According to Shehroz, to start something new or different one need to find passion in it that almost come through someone’s inspiration. His interest was developed when he went to the trip with his father to Siri Paye Shogran there he saw some trekkers started their journey towards Makra Peak (4000 meters).

After that he developed the passion of trekking as he went with his father for trekking but due to severe conditions of weather he wasn’t allowed to go further during those early years.

But eventually Shehroz and his father, Kashif, came back to Shogran and hired the porter after which the 12 year old had scaled his first peak.

From that on, it was the peak after peaks. The next trip of the boy was towards Musa Ka Musalla (4080m) which he also conquered two time once in summer and other during the winters at the age 12 in 2014.

Sheroz joked that before going to Musa Ka Musalla, he had never seen snow, as he was aware of Murree but wasn’t able to visit it. But now he says, there’s no need for him to go to Murree.

In 2014 he also went to Chambra Peak (4600+m) and in 2015 he went to conquered Ganga Choti (3044m).

Shehroz says it was at this time where he decided he was done with sub-5000 meters and he went on to climb Minglik Sar peak which is 6050m.

Further he stated that it was one of the most difficult peaks to scale as the route was less ideal and found trouble in finding water. However, his proudest trek is the Gondogoro Pass which is near the K2 base camp.

After his several conquering, Shehroz is again ready for more adventures and want to scale more peaks as much as possible. He is off, currently for another expedition at Khurdopin Pass. Which is also considered as one of the most dangerous and challenging passes around the world, which has been not scaled in last 10 years!

Whatever, we wish best of luck to Sheroz for the sets he hope to conquer.

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