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Pakistani-American Doctor presented award by NATO





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Pakistani-American Doctor presented award by NATO

LAHORE: A specialist alongside Pakistani-American cause has been granted the NATO Scientific Achievement Award for 2016. 

This honor was displayed by the prestigious NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) on his extraordinary research benefits in the field of restorative innovation. 

An alum of Aga Khan University and Medical College, Dr Rashid A. Chotani, has been chipping away at therapeutic countermeasures against organic operators. His remarkable execution in the previously mentioned field brought him glories and acheivements. He was working alongside a Research Task Group in USA by NATO. Being an individual from the Human Factor and Medicine Panel (HFM), he took a shot at contemplating and in addition consummating the typical NATO operational situations of the NATO people. 

The group measured the kind, nature, dangers and restorative countermeasures of the organic specialists that were being utilized against the people. 

Dr Rashid Chotani additionally has dealt with improving the Early Warning System at the National Institute of Health in Pakistan. He likewise made the Epidemic Investigation Cell (EIC) to remain from ground. 

Dr Chotani has an over 20 years' understanding on sharing his insight on natural security and general wellbeing.

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