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Emerging Pakistani Scientist developed a USA base Coronavirus Testing Kit



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Emerging Pakistani Scientist developed a USA base Coronavirus Testing Kit

Washington News: When an Abbott Laboratory launched a testing device for coronavirus patient, just after a day a new testing device has been launched, It test only in Five-minute to diagnose the disease of COVID-19 and It's usage now has been approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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The new kit was launched by Bodysphere Inc based in Los Angeles-based who announced that they are starting its distribution of Five-minute Testing Kit for the diagnosis of deadly novel coronavirus disease after FDA green-signaled, now it is using in a way of an Emergency Use Authorization.
And now, media reports that emerging Pakistani scientist, Jameel Sheikh, is on the side of this remarkable invention. Jameel, a microbiologist, graduated from NED Engineering University based in Karachi, who belongs to Larkana before moving to the USA.
Emerging Pakistani Scientist developed Coronavirus Testing Kit
Now, Sheikh lived in San Diego, California. He is also an active member of World the Sindhi Association of North America.
Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical giant has enhanced its production and supply to all the network of America and its region and decided to distribute the kits to almost 50,000 devices per day.
It is also noted that the US has now become the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus where confirmed cases, as of Tuesday, are above 180,000 with death toll crossing 4,000.

According to Business Wire, the game-changing device five-minute test has “a 91% clinical rate and a 99% sensitivity rate” and delivers results “ as fast as just as less than 5 minutes”.

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Reuters news agency also said that the company is working with the Trump administration team, as well as respectively state governments, to deliver the test result — especially for emergency use.
The portable device, Like the size of a toaster, is a great invention and going a game-changer in the field of public health precaution.

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