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Why Gulalai Ismail Escaped to U.S.





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Why Gulalai Ismail Escaped to U.S.

Gulalai Ismail, 32-year-old Pakistani women’s rights activist on the run, managed to slide through the dragnet last month and escape to America.

She has been defendant of treason, tho' human rights defenders same that the allegations were imitative which she was being targeted for light abuses committed by Pakistan’s military. Security services of Pakistan were looking for her in each corner of the country, predatory her friends’ homes and shutting in on her family.

The underground network that in secretly protected her as she enraptured from house to deal with, town to town, through uncounted police checkpoints, continuously carrying a veil over her face, her eyes were barely visible. She failed to reveal however she got out however she revealed that ‘I don’t board on any plane.’

She is currently staying along with her sister in Brooklyn and has applied for political asylum within the United States of America.             

Ms. Ismail has campaigned for women’s rights, conveyance attention to rapes, disappearances and different abuses that she and lots of others say are committed by Pakistan’s security forces against their own individuals. It’s taken Ms. Ismail your time to feel safe even in big apple, she said; however she has begun to satisfy with distinguished human rights defenders and also the staffs of law-makers leaders.

How she did that it absolutely was crossing land into Asian country or Asian country then onward to Europe or America, or maybe obtaining contraband out by ocean remains a tantalizing mystery. The Pakistani government had barred her from going away the country and tried to seal all the exits for her.

She already had a visa to the United States of America, wherever she has visited frequently, meeting distinguished ladies together with Michelle Obama. When she arrived in big apple in August, she directly holed up in her family’s house in Brooklyn, wherever 2 brothers and 2 sisters live. She was disquieted regarding her oldsters, who face charges of finance coercion and stay below significant police investigation in national capital. She was conjointly disquieted that a Pakistani agent or somebody on the government’s aspect may see her on a replacement royal family street and take an image of her or worse.

But it makes her unhappy, a relentless shadow on her life ahead, that she may not see her parents or Pakistan.

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