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Crack Down Against Private Schools Not Closed for the Summer



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Crack Down Against Private Schools Not Closed for the Summer

Punjab government has decided to take action against schools that are not closed for summer vacations until now. According to news reports, CEO District Education Authority Bashir Goraya has warned all schools, which open today, will have their license cancelled and those schools will no longer be able to operate in the future.

BeEducated.pk found out that Bashir Goraya revealed to the media about various complaints received from parents relating to some schools remaining open even after the announcement of summer vacations in all schools of Punjab from May 17.

Early Vacations Due to Rising Temperatures

Punjab schools need to be closed from 17 May for the summer holidays because of the high temperature in the region and beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. So, that students can remain indoors while the sun is at its peak in the day time. Similarly, Sindh government announced the summer holidays in Sindh schools from 10th May because the region was receiving warnings of a heat wave in the current month.

It was a good decision taken for the safety and wellbeing of the students. But Private Schools Association was against it as their Chairman told the media that private schools will not close for summer vacations because they are holding exams. He also said that the announcement of early holidays will ruin the education system.

Private Schools Charged Fees for Summer Holidays

Punjab Education Department once again failed to fulfill their promise about not paying fee for summer vacations to private schools. Even though private schools were ordered to return the extra fees, if already charged, and stop collecting it from anyone who have not been charged. But school managements refused to return the extra fees as per court orders.

Hopefully, Punjab government will take strict action against these schools, which are not announcing summer vacations and collecting extra fees. Because these private schools are not focusing on the future of our young students but their own profits. For more educational news keep visiting our website on daily basis. 

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