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University OF Hong Kong Found The Cure Of Aids



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University OF Hong Kong Found The Cure Of Aids

In Hong Kong Medical Experts Research Team succeeded in discovering AIDS treatment after years of work.

According to the International News Agency, The Hong Kong University research team has claimed to find AIDS treatment. Professor Chen Zhiwei has prepared a route map to carefully stop and cure this disease and also eliminate the risk of this disease by raising power deficiency in patients.

The Researcher of Hong Kong University has given this treatment a name known as Functional cure which was tested on mice. Treatment tested on mice shows that the new antibody can help to control the virus and eliminate infected cells. The Professor Chen Zhiwei is very hopeful with this treatment method.

Professor Chen Zhiwei said that this medicine will prove to be effective in all types of AIDS, which must be used at least three months. The presence of HIV virus can be substantiated with this medicine. Yet the Global Health Laboratories didn’t verified the medicine and World Health Organization will take a lab test of the medicine.

BeEducated.pk wants you to know that AIDS is a Leprosy diseases. This Virus injects your body when you transfer blood from someone body. Having Sex can also lead you to HIV and AIDS. So far the only treatment of AIDS is to take proper care and scientists are engaged in research and experiments to discover the cure of the disease.

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