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Caution Signs for Trump as he reveals Budget



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Caution Signs for Trump as he reveals Budget

Precautions are flashing for Donald Trump on some of his decision on Immigration, the economy central to his 2020 to his re-election message.

Complications on each of these policies areas threaten to undermine the narrative of Unparalleled  success that trump has weaved in his first two years in office and are driving political debate as the administration unveils its budget on 11 March 2019.

A poorer than expected monthly jobs report Friday fed concern that strong economic growth that anchors Trump's best argument for a second term is recede something that should worry the President since it's a critical reelection matter.

Donald Trump appears to be sensitive to the weak points of his political pitch, and spent the weekend on twitter, tweeting out glowing testimonials about the economy from allies and charge journalists of distorting the successes of his presidency.

The good news for Donald Trump is that the election though it seems increasingly to be on his mind is 20 months away, and none of the rising complications are certain to bond themselves in the unsure political period ahead. And at their root, a presidential election reveals as a clash between two competing political visions and personalities as much as a contest between rival policy platforms. One of the big questions of the Democratic presidential race is how the eventual nominee will handle the President's willingness to embrace char earth campaigning.

Donald Trump however said that his boundary wall will be a pillar of his political strategy going ahead, despite his failure to twist funding for the barrier out of Congress an impasse that caused him to announce a national emergency on immigration.

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