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Punjab HEC declared 79 universities Illegal




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Punjab HEC declared 79 universities Illegal

Lahore: Almost 79 private colleges over the Punjab have been announced as "illicit" colleges by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. These illicit colleges are foundations that are enrolled on paper however have no physical presence. A portion of the colleges even have apparition instructors and hopefuls. An examination panel has been built up which will make a move against 4 different colleges far from the 79 apparition ones. 

Government Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced more than 100 foundations, varsities and in addition universities illicit in the Punjab region. 

79 colleges affirmed as fake, 15 others to be examined. 

The second stage will have them examine 15 instructive foundations associated with colleges. In view of the dissensions by various understudies from these purported "instructive" foundations, a gathering of senior bad habit chancellors has been set up to research 4 private colleges in Lahore as it were. 

These colleges include: 

Lahore Leads University, Global Institute Superior University, University of South Asia 

Executive of HEC, Dr. Nizam-ud-Din says that wannabes have been banished from setting off to any school or foundation associated alongside a private college for confirmation. 

It must be noticed that there are countless fake colleges/instructive organizations in different territories also, according to the rundown gave by the commission. 

There are 36 of these in Sindh, 3 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, 11 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 4 of them are in Islamabad as it were.

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