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Nawaz Sharif is Suffering From acute ITP




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Nawaz Sharif is Suffering From acute ITP

Doctors have determined the precise cause of the forceful call in the blood platelet count of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and same that treatment for the affliction is possible in Pakistan.

Renowned hematologist and bone-marrow transplant skilled Dr Tahir sultan Shamsi has confirmed that the former premier doesn't have bone cancer, however rather acute idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).
The unwellness, referred to as ITP for brief, is treatable in Pakistan. Expressing relief over the diagnosing, the doctor further said that the disorder is often defeated with the correct medications.
Dr Shamsi unconcealed that so as to diagnose the disease, there have been tests done related to his bone marrow. The test results indicated that Nawaz failed to have bone cancer.

The doctor maintained that once drugs is run to such patients with low platelets levels, the blood clotting cells begin build up once more, and 10-12 days once a call in count, become almost normal.
Earlier, the chief of medical board treating the ex-PM Dr Mahmood Ayaz, had said that he couldn't share the precise details of the disorder of Nawaz since the former premier was laid low with multiple diseases.

According to Ayaz, Sharif suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes. Ayaz additional that the kidneys of Sharif weren't operating absolutely, and he had been operated upon doubly for heart-related disorders moreover.
He additional noted that the medical board constituted to look once the health of the former premier had conducted blood tests and determined that he wasn't suffering from dengue fever.

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