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The First Ever Transgender School Is Opening in Pakistan




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The First Ever Transgender School Is Opening in Pakistan

The world is changing and so is Pakistan. Finally, the first ever transgender school of Pakistan is opening up in Lahore. The school will teach all usual subjects including many other skills through beautician courses, fashion designing and cooking classes.

An NGO named Exploring Future Foundation (EFF) took the first steps to build a proper school for transgender students in Pakistan. The founder of EFF Mr. Asif Shehzad said in his interview, with express.pk, that the reason of starting this school is to provide education and skills training to the rejected transgender members of our society. 

Mr. Shehzad further said that unluckily parents hide the gender of transgender children in their early years because they fear the bad comments and views of our society for transgender people. Because of their fears they also do not send their children to school which only leave the children to beg and do various other such things to eat and live their lives.

Another member of the NGO Moizah Tariq said that teachers will train the transgender students in 8 different sectors such as cooking, tailoring, beautician, fashion designing and various other skills. Once they have got their training the students will also be provided the facilities to start their own business or work place. 

In second stage of this school project, usual subjects will be offered to young transgender children so that they can obtain knowledge for higher studies and one day get jobs in companies. The school will organize its launching ceremony on 15 April 2018 In Lahore. The money collected through the charity show of this ceremony will be used for starting the new school.

The NGO workers also said that they are getting a positive response from the transgender community. So far, more than 30 transgender people have contacted the NGO and their registration will start after the ceremony on April 15. These people are trying to register for the courses with the support of their families, which is very good for all of them.

BeEducated.pk brings you this news to spread awareness for giving equal rights to transgender people. Because they also deserve a right to education and all the opportunities that normal people get in their lives. This a great step towards the development of Pakistan, because from now on transgender people will be able to contribute their services in various fields of work as well.

We should all study and work hard to make our country prosperous!  

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