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Gillani holds meeting to raise higher education standards



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Gillani holds meeting to raise higher education standards

Speaking at the general meeting, the Punjab Higher Education Minister, Syed Raza Ali Gillani, an all-inclusive betterment programme is in progress to develop according to the needs of the 21st century for the progress of country over human resource development. He further said that Pakistan is chock-full with the talented youth with skills and certificates but due to lack of support, they could not use their skills properly. However, betterment programme would further facilitate the young generation to use their talents to make their career grow.

While addressing over a meeting at the office of Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), he said, for this purpose, research-based activities are being persuaded completely, and the teachers would be facilitate with the career advancing opportunities. Four members attended this meeting, Chairman Dr M Nizam-ud-Din, representatives of the higher education department and three others person of British Council.

The meeting look over all prospects of reforms in collaboration with the British Council. Many other things further expressed in the meeting, for example, British Council was cooperating with the HED for attaining different projects goals, together with chief minister’s roadmap programme, faculty development programme and Lahore Knowledge Park.

Gillani update in the meeting that a teachers training plan had been planned by the government to improve the teacher’s capabilities. He said that the main purpose of introduction Shehbaz Sharif Merit Scholarship programme is to provide the training to the domestic and foreign teachers. He further added that the community colleges programme had been launched in four selected colleges. Similarly, more 138 colleges were being established in different districts with an amount of Rs2,147 million. All these steps were adopt to improve the standards of education.

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