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Denmark’s Immigration Minister Declares Muslims Fasting in Ramadan as a Danger to Society



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Denmark’s Immigration Minister Declares Muslims Fasting in Ramadan as a Danger to Society

Denmark’s Immigration Ministers One Statement is being heavily criticized in which she said Muslims should take a leave from work in the Holy Month of Ramadan because their fasting can threaten society’s safety and security.

Inger Stoejberg who is known for her strict rules in immigrations sector of Denmark said that people working while fasting can be threat to society. She targeted bus drivers and Muslims working for medical sectors.

BeEducated.pk found out that she also said Muslims living in Denmark fast for some 18 hours in Ramadan and they avoid eating and drinking. During this time Muslims perform various tasks on their jobs. Such as bus drivers who don’t eat from dusk till dawn can become a threat to people’s safety.

The Lady Minister also added that I would allow all the Muslims in Denmark to take a leave in Ramadan so that our society can be remain safe from any negative effects.

People’s Reaction on this Statement

Senior Liberal Party member Jacob Jensen wrote on Facebook that 'maybe we politicians should focus on finding solutions to the real problems first.' 
'I don't agree with Inger Stoejberg,' Jensen said, adding that politicians should not interfere with employers' internal affairs.

The Danish Third Transport Union, said on the statement of the lady minister, that she is trying to create a problem that is not yet available. The Danish Muslim Union has posted on its social media that thanks to Mr. Stewartz's attention but Muslim adults know best how to take care of themselves and others of society, even if they are fasting.

Another female Minister criticized this statement and suggested her female partner to focus on solving real issues instead of interference in petty issues.

“This is a minister who is supposed to strengthen integration and strengthen social cohesion between population groups,” said Natasha Al-Hariri, an integration consultant who holds a law degree and is a Muslim. “But she’s doing the opposite: She’s stirring up a debate based on no figures, no statistics and no proper sources.”

Remarks of Other Danish Members of their Society

“In Denmark there’s room for everybody — if you believe in Jesus, Allah or Buddha — as long as you mind your duties and take responsibility for your actions,” said Fatma Oktem, a former Member of Parliament who was born in Denmark to Turkish parents.

“We ran some information campaigns and had a Ramadan flyer with advice on how to drive during Ramadan,” the spokeswoman, Pia Hammershoy Splittorff, was quoted saying. “We’ve done that for some years, but have also figured out it wasn’t necessary.”

Abir Al-Kalemji, a physician in Denmark, wrote on Twitter that the government ministers exist "to solve real problems, not to invent them" and Stoejberg's remarks "exposed her intolerance to immigrants." For more news keep on visiting our website daily.

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