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“Bachaa Party” The Biggest Kids Store Come to Lahore!




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“Bachaa Party” The Biggest Kids Store Come to Lahore!

Bachaa Party, the biggest children outlet in Pakistan, launched its first-ever outlet in Lahore, at a freshly renovated space on the third Floor of emporium Mall. it's a one-stop-shop wherever you'll get every and each essential for your children, from stylish outfits to cozy ones, from offbeat accessories to cool down ones, from the foremost trendy boots and shoes to the comfiest ones, and not forget all the playable toys your kids have ever wished, are currently offered, all below ONE ROOF!

The brand’s first-ever idea store was launched back in 2016, in Karachi, the success of that resulted in additional enlargement inside the city. Currently, this top-notch brand has three stores in Karachi and therefore the fourth one is now in Lahore!

This label ensures the comfort of buying mommies and daddies by stocking everything for his or her kids below one roof. With around 30,000+ SKUs the whole with pride caters almost 5000+ customers at every store on a daily basis with a mean of 400,000 + customers monthly! And this figure is growing day when another.
To celebrate, Bachaa Party hosted an incredible open for the general public, launch event at Emporium Mall.

The audience turnout was therefore smart, everybody appeared super excited!

Beautifully hosted by the one and solely ‘Rj Sophie and special appearances of the star Ahsan Khan, the handsome Wahaj Ali, the ever-gorgeous Juggun Kazim and therefore the kid star sensation, Ahmed Shah added to the thrill and that they all appeared pretty much happy about the launch too!

However, the super endearing Ahmed Shah was virtually thought-about because the cherry on the cake for this launch event. everybody enjoyed his presence therefore much; the children along side their parents were so overcome once they ought to see him coming back. every and each gesture that he delineated  was Super Cute, that’s what created him stand out because the center of attention!

For all the design and quality aware oldsters and their very little ones, ‘Bachaa Party’ is definitely a must-visit store because it provides something and everything, from head to toe, from little to teen!
However, this whole is on a mission to supply an alone searching experience for purchasers, together with fashion and lifestyle product, in an exceedingly unique, fun, interactive environment—all at an excellent price for money! to not forget Bachaa Party has been completely admired by each youngsters and mothers since its beginning.

This funky and amazing brand has simply stepped in Lahore at the terribly right time as a result of winters are fully swing and you all would be undoubtedly trying to find cool shops to buy from. Do consider their collection and enjoy a happy shopping spree, everyone!

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