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Ways to Overcome Dehydration While Fasting



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Ways to Overcome Dehydration While Fasting

While fasting it is very important to protect the body from lack of water and salts, which can be accomplished by making a minor change in Sehar and Iftar. Ramadan Kareem is here with all its glory. It is very important to maintain good health in order to observe fasting during the blessed month. But fasting in summer can reduce the percentage of water in our body. That is why it is important to make special arrangements to avoid heat’s effects and disorders.

Use lots of Water, Fiber Filled Foods and Cucumbers 

At least two glasses of water should be consumed in the Sehri, but avoid taking cold drinks because they make you thirsty during the fast. Similarly, yogurt and vegetables help in fighting against dehydration during the day. Cucumber stores a large quantity of water, if it is eaten as a salad in the Sehri, it keeps the body hydrated.
Coconut Water Fills Your Body with Minerals

During the summers, minerals leave our body in the form of sweat. People who observe fasts are most likely to lack water in their bodies and Coconut Water is very useful for them. As it is full of natural ingredients that contain special amounts of salt that reduces water and salt deficiency in the body.
Eat Melons and Watermelons

In order to reduce the water and salt shortage during fasting, must eat fruits, watermelons and melons. These fruits prove to be quite helpful in maintaining the water level of our bodies throughout the day. Apart from this, these fruits also contain potassium and vitamins, which increases the amount of salt and energy in the body. You should also know the formula for staying healthy throughout the holy month of Ramadan. For more information keep visiting our website as frequently as possible.

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