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Pictures Taken Seconds Before Fatal Accidents

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Pictures Taken Seconds Before Fatal Accidents

Accidents and life threatening incidents happen suddenly as no one can predict them. BeEducated.pk have gathered some pictures taken right before famous accidents to let you know how much the sea was silent before the storm. That is the reason these pictures are already known to many people and they tell a story of their own.

Red Car Filled With Explosive Material

In the picture above you can see a red car. A few moments after this picture was taken this red car, filled with explosive material, exploded and took lives of 29 people and badly injured 220 people. This incident, which is famously known as the Omagh Bombing, took place in Omagh city of Ireland back in 1998. After some research it was found that the father and his child, in this picture, survived the bombing but the photographer was killed.

Keith Falls to His Death from an Airplane

Keith Sapsford, a young boy of 14, tried to hide himself in the wheel compartment of an aero plane going from Sydney to Japan. However, when the flight crew closed the wheels after take-off the child fell out of the compartment. In the picture you can see Keith falling towards his death, from 200 feet above the ground. People still find it shocking how the photographer captured his fall unexpectedly while checking out his new camera.

Last Picture Taken of Titanic

We can say that this is the last picture taken of the famous ship Titanic, which sank after colliding against an iceberg on 15 April 1912. There were 2,224 people aboard this huge ship out of which 1,500 people lost their lives after drowning into the icy waters.

Paul Walker’s Last Captured Moment

You just saw the last captured moment of Paul Walker, the famous actor of Fast & Furious franchise, on 30 November 2013. After this picture was taken Walker lost his life in a car accident. The actor is still remembered by many people and miss his appearance in the future movies of the franchise filled with cars, action and more cars.

An Attack on School of Columbia

On 20 April 1999, a school in Columbia was attacked with guns and explosives. In the picture you can find a teacher Mr. William Sanders evacuating more than a hundred students from the cafeteria. However, right after this picture he was shot in the chest two times and could not survive the attack.

Niagara Falls Stunt Goes Wrong

In this picture you can see Robert Overacker falling into the Niagara Falls, but this was not supposed to take his life. Because being a professional stuntman and Jet Ski expert, Robert was doing a stunt to support poor and homeless people. But sadly after the jump his parachute did not open and he lost his life.

TransAsia Airways Flight 235

Above moment were captured from a car’s dashboard camera, in which you can see TransAsia flight 235 crashing close to the sea in Taiwan. The flight contained 58 people in total from which only 15 survived the crash. Reasons for the crash was said to be pilot shutting off a working engine by mistake while taking the plane under control after an engine flameout.

Scuba Driver Dies After Diving to Depth of 236 Feet Under Water

A famous scuba diver Nicholas Mevoli, seen on the right side of the picture, successfully dived to the depth of 236 feet under water. After returning to the surface, he tried to speak but could not do it as he lost consciousness right away. During this time his heart stopped and he never regained consciousness.

Niagara Falls Takes Another Life

The above picture shows a girl dressed in red clothes standing right next to Niagara Falls while two people are trying to capture their special moment facing the camera. No one knew at that time that the next moment the 20 year old girl will jump into the Niagara and commit suicide.

Parkour Can Take Your Life at Any Moment

You can see the last moments of Pavel Kashin in the picture above. Pavel Kashin was demonstrating a parkour stunt while doing a back-flip on 16 story building. As Kashin was trying to land he lost his footing and found himself falling towards the ground towards the sidewalk, which took his life.

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