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Science and Myth: Top 4 Adaptive Traits of Islam Religions



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Science and Myth: Top 4 Adaptive Traits of Islam Religions

How do mythological traditions survive? How do they flourish? By bringing science and myth together, an evolutionary perspective help us to think deeply about these questions. In this article we will consider the following top five Adaptive Traits of Islam Religions.

1. Connection of motifs defining the religion

Every single person have to understand this important feature because it determine the success. In order to spread the religion itself, it must establish an identifiable identity. It doesn't necessarily require an identity, but it does require something that which thing you shouldn’t passed to the next generation. Islam religions have developed the rule to mark off the blessing from the GOD. Finally, this religion relates to the ethical symbols like prayer. Most all religions feature these motifs.

All successful religions like Islam has been developed on such motifs and without maintaining these canon, an established religion wouldn’t be possible.

2. Vertical transmission

The second most important feature is vertical transmission. Transmission is necessary as a matter of fact, because a religion of one person is no religion at all. All religions show that the generations have to feed up with the good values family. The other kind is horizontal transmission--that is normally transmitted via dissemination and conversion. It is much adaptive, but mainly it is the add-on to vertical transmission.

3. Ethics defining the in-group

Ethics is the next most important feature, but not in moral sense. Rather, the sense is a set of agreed and prohibited behaviors serving, which separate the group from other group. When followers are classified from contribution in common activities, like eating chicken, they are discouraged from moving around with strangers. When followers are pressed to participate in certain activities, like eating only food that is halal, they are fortified to congregate together. This preserve the relationship between children and parents to ensure vertical transmission.

4. Placeholder terms;

Placeholder terms takes great importance. By "placeholder terms" I mean to keep up the terms of religion, the meanings of which are defined so unclear as to invite many interpretation. Such terms consist of spirit, truth, wisdom, justice, good, evil, and many others. These terms give an appearance of immediately familiarity to all followers, but their exact meanings are so unclear that people understand to not happen anything.


These are the top five features determining the long-term "success" of Islam religions. Other religions have followed the Islam religion them in same way, and those that don’t follow these have died out or absorbed into others.

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