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6 tips on How to Prepare for Marriage according to Islam



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6 tips on How to Prepare for Marriage according to Islam

How to prepare yourself for the marriage according to Islam? So that I don’t regret in the near future? Keep one thing in your mind that Marriage revolves around the bound of faith. Whenever you get the surprises, adopt them properly and not to avoid them all. But if you follow the below mentioned steps, then you can avoid the difficulties easily.


Character is the most important thing that plays an important role in marrying. If your partner is having good character and have the strong believe in God, then you can spend the life with him properly. This attitude of your partner God not only please the God, but also solve your issues as well. If your partner has a weak character, then, no matter how much you love them, you will face the major problems. So, before marriage you have to make sure that his character is good, and making sure that both of you have the same thinking about anything.

Believe on spending LIFE Together;

Say no to the “dating” things, infect say yes to the “life” things. Trust me that there is a major difference in both of them. Dating means “let’s meet every Tuesday and Saturday to watch the movie, dinner or ice cream.” It looks very lovely, but its basics are not properly based on the married. Stop doing these fanatics things and start taking some serious about your future life. For example, cook dinner together, go to the Islamic concert together or recite the Quran together.

Never doing “normal” things. If, in all the time you spend together, he never has the initiative to fix a leaky faucet, to clean a bathroom, to repaint a peeling deck, then it’s unlikely he’s going to want to devote his Saturdays to that once he’s married, either. If he likes you hanging out so that you can clean his place while he relaxes, that’s likely what your weekends will look like, too.

Pursue God Together:

You should know that the basic center of marriage is Islam. When any of us suffering from the issues after marriage, then he consult to the GOD to solve it. You can conversation to GOD about anything that you want for example, what’s wrong and what’s right for you.

Volunteer Together;

Left the house and do something productive together! This helps you to overcome the temptation and motivates you to help others. You can do any of the productive thing for example, you can teaching to the youth group or contribute anything to your community. But you have to do something together.

Assort Your Families;

Before marriage you just think that it is a matter of you and partner, but once you get married, it becomes the matter of two family, so you shouldn’t meet alone in fact do something to Assort Your Families.

Save Your Money;

Obviously we all have the habit to spend the money completely before marriage, but it is important to spend the life in a budget manner. You have to make the proper schedule of savings and spending.

You must watch that how your partner spends money. Is he careful about money, or not? Does he work hard to earn the money? Is he motivated to move forward in the life?
Falling in love before marriage is a heady time. It’s easy to create emotions for your partner, but you should know that how to keep it off permanently.  

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