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World’s Most Expensive Shoes were introduced in Dubai




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World’s Most Expensive Shoes were introduced in Dubai

World’s Most Expensive Shoes were introduced in Dubai

The whole world is in exceedingly race of getting ahead of each other. And when it involves breaking records? OH, boy! Don’t even raise. People would do all types of weird stuff to only build a record. This time it happened in Dubai. The world’s most costly shoes were disclosed.

These shoes were showcased in an on board yacht on Friday in Dubai dock. The evening was a part of made in Italy, Designed in Emirates (MIDE) Fashion Week.

An Italian designer who goes by the name of Antonio Vietri was the creator of those shoes. They’re known as the Moon Star Shoes. How much do they cost? Well, not a lot of simply $19.9 million (Dh73 million).
Yeah, seriously guys it’s not much…for Sheikhs after all. Our poor eyes can’t even afford to appear at them, lol.
However, for your info, the present Guinness record was set at $15.5 million dollars. Yep, also for a try of shoes.

What Makes Them The World’s most costly Shoes?
They aren’t simply labelled the World’s most costly shoes however there’s really a fairly valid reason behind that. So, the Moon Star Shoes are created from a solid gold heel. SOLID GOLD HEEL! 30 carats of diamonds. 30 CARATS OF DIAMONDS! Ok stop you, dead-broke lads, it’s not that massive of a deal.

Wait there’s additional. It conjointly contains alittle piece of meteoroid. A meteoroid that was discovered in Argentina in 1576.

So, currently you recognize.
It isn’t the primary time Vietri has place his style up within the World’s most costly Shoes rack. however he’s really known  for coming up with best shoes. In 2017 he displayed 24-carat gold stilettos worth over Dh120,000, in Dubai.

The UAE based mostly designer claimed that he will go on top of and on the far side in extravagance, every time.
“The word not possible doesn't exist in my vocabulary.”

Though it's simply pointless to US however individuals might pay such a lot cash on shoes. I mean they're simply shoes, right? they are doing an equivalent job as my sneakers? but it fully makes sense to the rich. so don’t be too shocked!

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