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Protect stop child abuse Pakistan



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Protect stop child abuse Pakistan

Even with all the advancement that people have made over the years, unfortunately, in some areas of the world, people are still unable to provide their children the protection they should get. There are many places in the world where child abuse is a major issue and the people don’t even bother talking about it. Humanity has become so insensitive that abusing young souls somehow provides them satisfaction. Many countries including Pakistan, India and South Africa child abuse and child labor are not even considered as issues anymore.
In recent events, in Kasur, Pakistan, a young girl, name Zainab, of age 7 was raped and murdered by an unknown man.  The victim’s parents went in Saudi Arabia while this monstrous act took place. She was left in the dumpster after the killer murdered her. Before this, the poor soul could not be found for several days. What must her parents had to go through just because some man somewhere thought it was okay to rape and kill a young soul. This is the reason why child abuse needs to be stopped and taken care of immediately. Today, we lost one Zainab, God knows how many more children like this have gone through the same thing. 
The question here rises that how to provide your child with the protection that he/she deserves? There are a few things you can do in order to keep your child safe. First of all, what you need to do is give your child proper time. Talk to him/her if you feel like they’re low or hiding something from you. Always, communicate. Teach your child their rights. Tell them to raise their voice is someone is abusing them in any way, teach them not to get frank with any stranger unless you are with them. Also, report abuse if your child has gone through something because those people need to go to jail and your child deserves justice. 
Even in this world that God has created so beautifully, there are people out there who would harm you because of their own problems and insecurities and harming children is the worst thing a person can do. Make sure your child gets protection and is never gone into the wrong hands. Children are innocent souls, they come into the world knowing nothing and teaching them is our duty. So always make sure your children are being protected.

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