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Many Countries Will Celebrate Mother’s Day on May 13




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Many Countries Will Celebrate Mother’s Day on May 13

Many countries, including Pakistan, will celebrate Mother’s day on the second Sunday of May (13 May 2018). This day is celebrated worldwide to honour all mothers, motherhood, and their impact on the upbringing of the next generation in the months of March or May. Various other celebrations honoring family members are Father’s day, Grand Parent’s Day and Siblings day.

Background to International Mother’s Day Celebration

The day to honour our actual mothers was started in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at a church in West Virginia, USA. She celebrated this day to honour her mother since 1905 and later on she decided to make it a holiday to honour all mothers of the world. Because they have done more for you than anyone else in the world.
It is thanks to Anna’s hard work that US Congress accepted Mother’s Day as a national holiday. So, all US states are observing it since 1911. She also made sure that it was defined as ‘Mother’s day’ and not Mothers’ Day because every person should honour their own mother first and foremost.

People Celebrate Mother’s Day in Various Ways

BeEducated.pk found out different ways that people use to thank their mothers for being there for them and they are:

1. Giving Flowers

People often buy white carnations for their mother on Mother’s day as a symbol of their respect and love. Some think it’s best to present Irises because they symbolize hope and faith, which are the best traits of all mothers. Few people try to help create small herb gardens for their mothers, so she can easily cook tasty and healthy foods for their family.

2. Cooking Meals

Many children try to cook breakfasts and other meals for their mother to show how grateful they are for all the times she have cooked for them. You should also try to cook something for your mother to make her happy on this Mother’s Day.

3. Making Cards at Home

Young children are often found making their own Mother’s Day cards at home. They happily colour it and write a few words for their mother to let her know how much they love her. If you cannot buy anything expensive for her then you should at least make a homemade card for her this year.

If you search online you will find many others way to let your mom know how much you care for her. In Pakistan, we usually hear that every day is Mother’s day for us and it should be. We should always take care of our parents and especially in their old age. Because no one gets any younger, you only grow old. Hope you have lots of fun with your family on this Mother’s Day. Also, for more news keep on visiting our website daily.

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