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University of Utah Builds A Special Room For Crying




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University of Utah Builds A Special Room For Crying

University of Utah has built a special ‘Crying room’ for its students. We all know college to be a tough time. With overflowing assignments and research to do alongside practical exercises, students are sure to be stressed out. 

University is supposed to be a place to prepare students for adulthood). This is the opposite. Yes, even we adults get overwhelmed. Adults cry sometimes. We do it at appropriate times and places, we don’t expect places to be built for us to have breakdowns in public.

BeEducated.pk is posting this news because things are about to change for the students at that American University. As the University of Utah has built a crying room/closet for students where they can relief their stress.

Of course, since it’s built in a busy walkway, there are rules. Knock before you go in, because another adult might be crying in there. Only take 10 minutes, so that the next person can take their turn to cry or relieve their stress. 

The crying closet acts as a safe zone for students who have been buried in final exams and assignments. A set of rules is even framed on the door, limiting students to few minutes in the closet alone. 

“This space is meant to provide a place for students studying for finals to take a short 10-minute break”, reads the sign on the closet’s door.

Admit it, we all need to cry sometimes regardless of the cause. Who knows, this crying room could be implemented for adults in offices as well!


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