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Employees to Work Only Three Days a Week at Office in Mexico



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Employees to Work Only Three Days a Week at Office in Mexico

BeEducated.pk found out that employees will only have to work for three days a week in a company of Mexico. Reading this news will make you wish that jobs in Pakistan can also be like this, where we will have 4 holidays every week.

3 Day Work Week

In the past, private and public offices used to have a single holiday per week. Now, many government and private companies around the world are giving two weekly holidays to their employees. However in Mexico, some firm has taken it a step further. As the country's richest person, Carlos Slim has offered his employees four holidays in a week.

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According to the British newspaper, the Independent, Carlos Slim has experimentally given his employees 3 holidays per week at his Telmex company, while they are being paid full salaries. In return, their retirement age has been increased, which means that they will work for only three days a week but their retirement will be delayed.

Carlos Slim says, "I want to introduce 'Three-day Work Week' in Mexico. Where people will work for three days and have a 4 days long weekend, however their retirement age will be increased to balance the difference." 

In this way, the Mexican billionaire has introduced the first four holiday system in Telmex, one of the two Latin America’s largest mobile phone companies including América Móvil owned by Carlos Slim. 

Most of his business is linked to the telecommunications sector, while Carlos started talking about his ‘working for three days a week’ philosophy in 2004. His purpose behind giving four holidays a week  is this that more and more young people will get employed. Along with extended retirement age, these young recruits will get the opportunity to work with older and much experienced employees that will develop their capabilities and increase the quality and quantity of production.

When Carlos offered three-day work week to his employees at Telmex at most 40% employees accepted it. Since then, these people have come to work only for three days in a week and are enjoying four holidays. 

Happy Employees & Better Profits for the Company

Carlos Slim said, "There is nothing new about minimizing working days during the week. There was a time when we used to work for six days in a week and better part of the day. Then the work period was reduced to 60 hours per week.”

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He then continued, “Now for a long time the work period is 48 hours a week. However, in my opinion we should work only 3 days in the week so that the unemployed people can get jobs."

BeEducated.pk wants you to know that the same experiment is being done in Sweden, where the work hours have been reduced and employees are given off from work earlier than before. Toyota Center in Gothenburg raised this step thirteen years ago. 

According to British newspaper’s report, the level of employees' lives became better and happier, while the company's profit increased all over. For more news on International and Pakistan jobs, keep visiting our platform as much as possible.

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