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A Muslim Sri Lankan - American Women is facing Death Threats



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A Muslim Sri Lankan - American Women is facing Death Threats

In New York, a Muslim Sri Lankan-American girl whose photograph was misidentified by the Colombo executive as a suspect in the Easter Day bombings is facing dying threats towards her and as distressing quandary for her family in Sri Lanka, in line with media studies.

“I got so many death threats in view that of this horrible mistake, so many persons simply calling for me to be hanged and all of those horrible, horrible acts,”

Amara Majeed mentioned during information conference at the office for the Maryland chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Baltimore. Amara Majeed, who wears hijab, is an activist and creator who wrote a book, titled The Foreigners, to fight stereotypes about Islam. A lot of her activism and writing specializes in empowering Muslim women and public narratives about them. In excessive institution, she created The Hijab mission, an internet site geared towards countering the perception that Muslim ladies are oppressed into sporting hijabs. On the press convention,

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Majeed recounted learning concerning the error even as in her dormitory room at Brown University, which is centered in providence, Rhode Island. “In the midst of finals season, I aroused from sleep in my dorm room to 35 overlooked calls, all frantically informing me that I had been falsely recognized as one of the most terrorists involved in the recent Easter assaults in my cherished native land of Sri Lanka,” she used to be quoted as announcing. Amara Majeed stated her household in Sri Lanka has been “bombarded with so many calls and questions,” and her household in the U.S. Has been “terrified” on the grounds that of the vitriol she’s received online. Sri Lankan authorities used a picture of Majeed, to establish Abdul Cader Fatima Qadiya, considered one of six suspects in the bombings that killed over 250 persons.

Both Amara Majeed and Zainab Chaudry, CAIR’s Maryland outreach director, mentioned they did not know the way authorities discovered her photo. Amara Majeed suspected that folks in Sri Lanka knew about her prior work as an activist and writer, and determined her image via those connections, but was once no longer sure. Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington had stated it used to be watching into the topic. Sri Lankan police ultimately admitted to the error and apologized, consistent with the media reports. Both of them said that the apology, while preferred, has not erased the harm it prompted.

The graphics and posts falsely implicating me have compromised my family’s peace of intellect and endangered our expanded household’s lives,”Amara Majeed stated.

We appreciate that authorities have issued a correction, although we are concerned that the correction won't obtain just about as so much traction because the error.

Delivered Zainab Chaudry ‘ In this world of technology, the place where information travels in seconds, the misinformation has spread broadly. No longer everybody who read the preliminary posts will see the correction, and as religious tensions proceed to develop in Sri Lanka, this incompetence within the aftermath of the devastating attack on Easter Sunday has placed leave out Majeed and her family in hazard.

Zainab Chaudry mentioned that Amara Majeed’s loved ones, while presently now not seeking legal redress, is working with CAIR to be certain their safeguard and “make sure the Sri Lankan government is taking each feasible measure to undo as so much of the damage that has been achieved.” Each Ladies additionally framed this expertise within the broader context of Islamophobia, right here and in Sri Lanka, where the attacks that killed more than 250 folks infected present sectarian tensions and scared persons of more than a few faiths from going to devout services.“

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CAIR has multiplied our condolences to the households and loved ones of these killed within the mindless assaults,” Chaudry stated. “We also condemn the recurring scapegoating of Muslim communities and participants like [Amara], who are consistently pressured to express regret or account for the wrongful movements that they don't condone.” “It have to be problematized that Muslim communities are faced with presumed guilt and criminality, and compelled to sentence and express regret for acts of terror and perform their humanity,” Majeed mentioned.

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