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Western Scientists Working on Getting ‘Bacteria’ Print to Find Culprits



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Western Scientists Working on Getting ‘Bacteria’ Print to Find Culprits

Western world, especially in America scientists are developing a new way to catch culprits known as Bacteria Print. Due to the latest technologies, the science field has progressed so much that many things are totally possible that people in the past thought unachievable. According to various sources, foreign scientists are working night and day to invent effective new ways to find and capture culprits quickly. Fortunately, they are receiving funds from their respective governments for these research projects.

Invention to Predict Criminal Activity  

BeEducated.pk found out that two year ago researchers developed a technology, using which one can analyze movements of the pupils and face expression to know whether a person is going to commit a crime at that moment. This invention can work even from 100 meters away that was supposed to be installed in American airports. But, so far no developments have been made on it.

Experts are working on new ways to find culprits other than using a person’s face to know their intentions. In this matter, Research team of Colorado University has found great success. Even though finger prints can be used to identify culprits but it’s not enough.

In the population of billion people, no two people can have the same finger prints. That is why it is very helpful in identifying the criminal through inspecting the crime scene and finding someone’s finger prints there. However, through new researches scientist have now found out that that a person also leaves bacteria on anything he or she touches other than their fingerprints.

Bacteria Print Technology

According to news reports, researchers are saying that people carry different kinds of bacteria on their skin and other internal and outer parts of the body like intestines, face, nose and ears. With the help of these bacteria they can find out the criminal. Colorado University’s research teams also revealed recently that 150 types of bacteria can be found on human hands. 

With the current research scientist have come to know that there is only 13% chance of people sharing the same bacteria on their hands. Which means that just like finger prints, bacteria on the hands of any person can be unique as well. So, if police departments use this new technology with the already existing facilities, criminals will get caught within no time. To get latest news keep on visiting BeEducated as frequently as possible.

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