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Diploma mills running by influential personalities: Chief HEC



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Diploma mills running by influential personalities: Chief HEC

ISLAMABAD: Dr Mukhtar Ahmed the Chairperson of Higher Education Commission (HEC) has expressed that Diploma mills in the country is growing like a yeast and is still functioning despite HEC efforts due to funding of influential personalities.

On Wednesday, in a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Education and Professional Trainings HEC chairman answered to the raised question.

He explained, “Degrees used to be issued like mobile SIMs, but the HEC has tried to control the menace and I can share the names of those influential people who are behind the institutions issuing such degrees and certificates.”

He said that he will share all the details in on-camera due to situation.

He further said, “We will not compromise on the quality of higher education and that is why so far we have blocked 110 PhD programmes in the country which were not meeting the criteria laid down by the HEC.”

While Senator Swati said even three institution in the capital are banned due to issuing fake degrees but their heads or owners are publicizing the issue with federal ministers by sharing pictures.

“Such institutions are bringing a bad name to the country.  That is why some [provinces] want to run their own higher education bodies,” said by Chairperson of HEC.

These high influential personalities are in actual destroying the castle of education he said, while adding that in next sitting all the names would be exposed on camera. “I hope we will be able to take action against such mafias,” he added.

He further confessed that there are about 150 illegal universities and campuses which are considered illegal and are mentioned on the HEC’s official website but still most of them are functioning without non objectionable certificate (NOC).

About 110 PhD programmes are banned by HEC in well-known varsities like International Islamic University Islamabad and the National Defense University because of not so qualified faculty and facilities. Whereas Global Institute in Lahore was also banned due to academics irregularities but due to sources and references in HEC, they were issued NOC by the Punjab Higher Education Commission.


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