Friendly Robot Which Encourages You to Keep in Contact With Your Friends



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Friendly Robot Which Encourages You to Keep in Contact With Your Friends

South Korean Scientists have developed a friendly robot for people who live alone. This strange and funny looking robot’s main purpose is to encourage you to keep in contact with your friends. It will tell you all sorts of things your friends are doing in their lives.

According to, this new robot name ‘Fribo’ was designed by a joint team of Yonsei University and Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). The robot comes with sensors and microphones installed in it, which senses your presence and the activities you do in your home. It means that you can know when a friend comes home, turns on the TV or use their washing machine. It also shares this information with other users in your group.

Many young people are living alone now a days. At times they can feel lonely and isolated. The feeling of loneliness can make them sad and depressed. Depression can lead to all types of sickness and illness. If you or your friend lives alone, Fribo can help you lessen the loneliness. 

Fribo is a great invention which will make people feel connected and closer to one another. South Korea believes that there should be a robot in every home by 2020. It is a step towards future, in which robots are helping to make your lives better. brings you this news to share the advancement of robot technology, and how it can be helpful in many ways. Scientists in Pakistan should be thinking about new ways to help students, teachers and other people related to education through the advanced technologies of today. 

Hopefully one day students from our country will develop new robots that can make the lives of people comfortable, all around the world. For that students you have to work hard now and learn best to your capabilities. Make your own future bright so that you can develop Pakistan into a strong and independent country.


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