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Don't want to get casted in Bollywood Films : Mehwish Hayat




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Don't want to get casted in Bollywood Films : Mehwish Hayat

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat said in a very recent interview that she’d rather speak the reality and not get cast in Bollywood films.

In an interview with BBC Urdu, the Pakistani actor aforementioned that if her speaking the reality and highlight however Pakistanis were depicted in a very negative light by Bollywood and Hollywood movies meant that Indian filmmakers won’t cast her in their films, then she’d rather have that.
“I’d rather speak the reality and not get cast in their films,” she said. “This isn't one thing that I’ve aforementioned right away. I’ve been saying this all along. perhaps due to this crisis, this has amplified such a lot. This has been my stance since day one,” she added .

Mehwish urged people who were creating films that were depicting Pakistanis in a very negative stereotype to return to the country and witness for themselves what Pakistanis were like.
“Come and see for yourselves what a peaceful country and what a peaceable nation we tend to are,” she said. “We are celebrated for our welcome around the world.”

In response to an issue, Mehwish confirmed that she would be taking part in Benazir Bhutto in an forthcoming biopic. Mehwish showered praises on the previous prime minister and aforementioned that she admired Benazir.
“I love Benazir Bhutto,” she said. “She was the first lady prime minister of Pakistan. That’s such an excellent issue. folks have to be compelled to see and apprehend a lot of concerning Benazir,” she else.
Mehwish said that Benazir’s character that she would essay was presently being written by the writers which she was excited to play the role. She said that the younger generation needed to grasp a lot of concerning the slain leader.
“Things are written in books and other people do browse them. however film is another medium altogether,” she said. “Our generation must apprehend a lot of concerning Benazir.”
Mehwish said that she was reading up concerning Benazir to change to play the role.
“The a lot of I examine her, the a lot of i'm galvanized however I conjointly get sad. we tend to lost an excellent leader,” she said.
In response to a different question, Mehwish aforementioned that she liked  to portray characters that had depth and strength.
“I have been reading scripts and a few female characters written on behalf of me were spineless,” she said. “I cannot play spineless characters as a result of tons of women and girls look up to me.”
Mehwish addressed  the hate and disputation that generated when she was awarded the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.
“The size of your mentality and your mind matters,” she said. “Your mind ought to be sufficiently big to suit both my Tamgha-e-Imtiaz and Billi song.”

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