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You will immediately say ‘Yes’ to ‘Namaz’ after knowing these 5 reasons



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You will immediately say ‘Yes’ to ‘Namaz’ after knowing these 5 reasons

Islam is a beautiful religion comprising of five pillar and as a Muslim you need to follow all the pillars. The uttermost pillar of Islam is Prayer which also means closeness of Allah Almighty.

Beside the debate of following all the pillars if we follow only one of them with right heart then definitely you will penetrate in others pillars to.
Most of us aren’t able to pray five times a day, which is surely be questioned by us in hereafter and for this we need to prepare ourselves for no longing forgiveness. We don’t forget to do our important work at time then why we forget the most forgiveness material that act as an examination in to pass in hereafter life.

Getting back to the point of topic, we should know the benefits of Namaz or Prayer that will immediately make us a punctual toward prayers five times a day.

Here are some of the reasons that will click us towards bountiful prayers.

1) Ready for Hereafter:

Nobody knows that whose time will arrive first to leave earth for forever. Neither I, nor you are relevant to discuss this topic, because it is only process of Almighty who has all commands of the universe and everything. Only 10 minutes or some more minutes from not so more important of your working life could better be relevant or is more commenced over prayer. Remember whatever you are today is bestowed to you through Dua’s and prayers.

2) Satisfaction:

World is full of thorns and every worldly thing, you get is all meant for price. Same for the things you stubbed first for approaching become priceless after getting them. But it is not meant in the prayer the more stubbed for it more it will beneficiate you in best soothing ways. First you will get satisfied of praying, no more stress in life, pray until you get, share your secrets and yes you can cry for every problem that will cure on the right time.

3) For the love of Allah:

The most beautiful relation of this world that comes first is the relationship between man and his Almighty. After this relation, mother and a child relation takes place. But have you ever imagined why I priorities the relation of man and God before mother? It is all because that Allah is closer than our aorta. He knows all before we think, speak and act. May Allah be Merciful with each of us! So in this way I think we should be thankful to Allah for his kindness and love as he knows us by our hearts for which we don’t need to give him any explanations like we do give to any other relation quo. So to get closer and more reliable of pure relation you just need to pray 5 times a day.

4) He always help his man through prayer:

You know when’s the best ideas comes from? Through prayers, and they are bestowed to you as your own advise! He’s always present with us in our thick and thins to guide us. You just need to be punctual to always come out of the hard situation.

5) Wuduh before every Namaz wash away your small sins:

When we make wuduh our every small sins that we unconsciously made are wash away before every namaz. Particularly it means that we wash away our sins of that day while offering five times a day. No matter what is happening around always prepare yourself for the sake of Almighty for namaz to get the best reward in the ‘Akhirat’ or on the Day of Judgment. We need to make it sure for our all brothers and sisters out there that praying is important part of Muslims for which you have five chances to meet Allah in Salah. So never regret these five chances as they are surely bestowed to you as a favorite human of Almighty.

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