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Namaz - Salah an Important Piller of Islam



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Namaz - Salah an Important Piller of Islam

Namaz - Salah an Important Piller of Islam
Namaz is the most important prays for Muslims. As per the teachings of Islam, It is the duty of every Muslim men and women to offer Namaz five times a day while following the way which is told in Quran and Hadees. As a Muslim it is our faith that everything happening in the world is done by Allah and nothing can be done without his will. Allah has given us countless blessings and thanksgivings. Namaz is a way we can do thanks to Allah and can also express our belief in his supremacy.
Namaz is mandatory prayer for all Muslim men and women. Allah has asked Muslims to pray and to spend lives according to Islamic laws of ‘Sharia’. As per Islamic rules when a child gets the age of seven, parents should ask him to go for prayers and at the age of ten years, it becomes the duty of a Muslim to pray five times in a day.  For Muslim men it is also important to go Masjid for prayers. In this way, Muslims who are living in a locality meet five times a day. Namaz is a beautiful demonstration of Muslim brotherhood and solidarity.
Namaz is so important for any Muslim that Allah has asked to pray even during illness. If a person is not in condition to stand he is allowed to pray while sitting and if he can’t sit then he can even pray while lying. When a Muslim offers Namaz with all his heart and soul, it shows his intentions to obey the orders of Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) with love and honor.
The Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) has explained the way and the process to offer Namaz. All five prayers namely Fajar, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib and Eshaa have different numbers of Rakat. Also, there are books of Hadees in which one can find answer of every possible question related to Namaz.
For Muslim man, it is much better to offer pray while going to Masjid. According to the teachings of Islam a Namaz with Jamat in Masjid is seventy times better then a Namaz which is offered alone. A Namaz with gathering (Jamat) in Masjid also gives a strong message to the enemies of Islam that we belongs to a religion of peace and also all the Muslims are united and stand by each other for any sacrifice. Masjid is known as home of Allah. When Muslims of a locality gather in Masjid, it keeps them aware about each other. In this way if a person is facing some problem, his Muslim brothers are there to help him.
There are countless benefits one gets while obeying the orders of Allah the almighty. From a disciplinary life and many gains for health. And from awareness of your community to better future of your children.  But more than anything else, we should pray by our heart and soul because Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) have asked us to do so. There is no greater benefit in the world when Allah is pleased with us. It is the real success according to the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAAW).

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