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Ten Cities That Pay the Highest Salaries



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Ten Cities That Pay the Highest Salaries

A German Bank has pointed out ten cities around the world, where highest salaries and financial benefits are provided to the employees. Germany’s Deutsche Bank has included those cities in its report where the monthly salaries are at least $3000.

Top Ten Cities with Highest Salaries in the World

found out that according to report, the highest monthly average salary is around $5764 (US dollars) for people employed in Zurich City of Switzerland.

In second place is the city of San Fransico in state of California USA, where the average person’s salary is $4974.

Whereas New York City stand at third place with an average monthly salary of $4115.

Similarly, Australia’s City Sydney is one of the most popular cities in the world where average pay is $3914 per month. Hopefully one day jobs in Islamabad will pay this well.

Now coming back to the list, America’s city Boston is 5th with an average salary of $3740 per month. In 6th place, Norway’s city Oslo which has monthly salary around $3664.

In Chicago its $3650 and in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city, the average monthly salary is $3462.

​$3447 in Dubai city of Dubai and the average salary is $3389 in Frankfurt, Germany. 


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