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Russian Artist Uses Dirty Cars as His Canvas



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Russian Artist Uses Dirty Cars as His Canvas

There is a Russian artist, named Nikita Golubev, who uses dirty cars and vans as his canvas to draw amazing pictures. According to news, people have purposefully started leaving their vehicles covered in dirt, in hopes that the artist will come and make a masterpiece on them.

His Drawings Support his Sign Pro Boy Nick

BeEducated.pk wants you to know that through his exceptional talent, Nikita transforms a dirt covered truck/car into a moving masterpiece. Many car owners find his work on their dirty vehicles, even if they want it to be there or not. Because as soon as Nikita finds a dirt covered car, he gets inspired to take out his gloves and make a drawing with his fingers.

Sometimes people leave their cars dirty on purpose so that he might come and make beautiful art pieces on them.

People can find most of his artwork on Nikita’s official Facebook page including Digital Art, Paintings, Sketches and various other art pieces. For which he has become famous and many people have appreciated his work on various social media websites.

Nikita usually makes his drawings on dirty cars in the evening or night time, while his beautiful artwork can be easily wiped off or cleaned with a cloth.

Recently, we brought you another news about a genius boy who makes amazing animal drawings. That young boy is known for his detailed drawings, while Nikita Golubev has become famous for his unique style of creating art on dirty trucks and cars. To keep on getting interesting news visit our platform regularly.

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