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Apple Is Partnering With Malala's Non-Profit to Educate More Than 100,000 Girls




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Apple Is Partnering With Malala's Non-Profit to Educate More Than 100,000 Girls

Education activist Malala Yousaf Zai proud of Pakistan while speaking to a press conference Tecnologico de Monterrey University new Mexico share that Apple Inc. is partnering up with her in her project to educate more than 100000 girls around the world.
Apple is partnering with Malala Fund to teach quite a hundred thousand women around the world, the corporate proclaimed weekday.
Malala Fund — the noncommercial supported by education activist and Alfred Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai — aims to confirm that women around the world have access to twelve years of education. Yousafzai, currently a student at Oxford University, was shot by the Taleban for reaching to college in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan once she was fifteen.
Apple has not nominative what quantity cash the corporate can invest, however aforementioned the new partnership can expand Malala Fund’s work to Bharat and geographical area. Apple plans to contribute cash and technology, helping with the course of study and policy analysis.
“This is strictly what Apple likes to work on — are a few things that everyone is an expression is not possible, “Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook aforementioned in AN interview with farewell America free weekday, complimentary Yousafzai’s “depth of humanity” and “courage with an enormous C.”
A calculable one hundred thirty million women around the world square measure presently out of college, in line with a 2016 report by United Nations agency. Malala Fund has created it its mission to varying that.
Malala Says:
“I wish to visualize each lady decide their future. I need each lady to possess access to a high-quality education,” Yousafzai told farewell America. “I wish women to follow their dreams.”   

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