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Public Holiday Announced on 1st May to Celebrate Labour Day



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Public Holiday Announced on 1st May to Celebrate Labour Day

Pakistan Government has announced a public holiday on 1st May to celebrate Labour Day and honor the laborers for their hard work. Government and private offices, factories and educational institutes will remain closed for the day. However, laborers can work on Labor Day for normal or high wages as per their needs.

Celebrating Labour Day

Labour day (or Labor Day) is celebrated all over the world, including Pakistan, to recognize the efforts of laborers or workers in the country.  Labour unions organize seminars, parades and rallies where union leaders give speeches about the importance of Labor Day. In their speeches, they also ask the government to raise laborers’ wages and provide more rights and better benefits to the labor community.

If you plan to go out on Labour Day and travel in public buses then you should check with the local transport authorities before getting on a bus. Because many routes are changed due to the Labour Union rallies and other events taking place at main streets and avenues in your city. Therefore, there is a great possibility of traffic jams at some places at different times of the day.

Other Public Holidays in Pakistan

BeEducated.pk is listing all public holidays in Pakistan for 2018, as follows:

• Kashmir Day was observed on 5th February 2018
• Pakistan Day was celebrated on 23rd March 2018
• Labor Day holiday announced on 1st May 2018
• 3 public holidays will be announced in June 2018 according to lunar calendar for Eid-ul-Fitr
• Independence Day will be celebrated on 14th August 2018
• 3 public holidays will be announced in August 2018 for Eid-ul-Azha
• Nationwide holiday will be announced for Eid Mulad-un-Nabi in September 2018
• Christmas/Quaid-e-Azam Day is public holiday on 25th December 2018

Now, you know when to expect an off day from work or school for this year. But we should not be happy about not going for work or studying because we must remember why the government is announcing these off days. So, we should celebrate Labor Day with all our heart and spread the message that the people of Pakistan are with its laborers and workers. Keep on visiting our website for latest news, informative articles and so much more. 

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