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Learn the Proper Ways of Fasting in Ramadan



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Learn the Proper Ways of Fasting in Ramadan

The purpose of fasting in the Quran language is to achieve a great level of piousness. Piety depends upon self-control, hungriness and psychological desires are the biggest gates of sins. Each sin can be derived from these two motives.

BeEducated.pk Brings to You the Proper Ways of Fasting

Robbery, murder, illegally taking other people’s money, to keep others from getting their rights, and to not know the difference between Halal and Haram. What is the source of these sins other than the belly? 

All forms of adultery, abuse, mischief, and murder are all those sins that occur due to selfish desires. The basic purpose and wisdom of fasting is to bring these two things under complete control. 

The person who saves himself from these sins and controls himself. He will succeed in fulfilling the purpose of fasting in Ramadan. Also during the period of fasting, he will continue to renew the love of ALLAH and of course he will be able to control yourself. 

Due to this he will always try to save himself from such sins, which is known as Taqwaa (Piety). However, it is important to keep in mind all the rules and conditions of fasting to achieve a higher level of piety.

Fasting is not about being hungry from dusk till dawn. There is a big reason for society and people to change within this month. As the main purpose of fasting is to keep people away from sins. Because there is no reason for Allah to keep someone thirsty for a whole day that does not  stop performing bad deeds.

It is narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "While fasting the person who does not leave (his) false speech and bad deeds then Allah has no need for him to stay hungry or thirsty.” The Hadith clearly tells us that to increase the rank of our fasting it is necessary that we stop eating and drinking while avoiding all sins.

Now, if a person is fasting and he talks about sinful things or do bad deeds. Then Allah do not care about his act of fasting. In fact, he will not be rewarded as the purpose of fasting was not followed. Therefore, after understanding this important point, please firmly assume that we will be living a righteous and cautious life in Ramadan. 

Don’t miss use your eyes, do not listen to sinful words and do not engage in unusual tasks and activities. Similarly, it is a big sin to kill someone, being jealous of someone or get angry at someone without reason.

Having malice for someone is a big misfortune as the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) feels pity for such a person because “he/she will lose the effect of prayers of forgiveness and their prayers will not be accepted.” Therefore to receive the blessings of Ramadan, it is necessary to take a look at yourself and judge that you didn’t do any injustice or hurt someone.

Allah does not get pleased with us until His creation is also pleased with us. We should avoid wasting time in pointless talks and backbiting because they become a hurdle in light of worship. 

In Ramzan, we should offer our prayers regularly. Taraweeh, TahaJuud and Ishraaq should be offered from the depth of the heart. The recitation of Quran should be done often because fasting and Quran have a deep connection. With the recitation of Quran, we can gather a lot of benefits. Similarly, Darud E Sharif should be recited on tasbeeh.

Precautions While Observing Fasts

While working in an office, take special care that you earn from a halal way and do not keep anyone else’s right. Eyes are the first step of sins so take care of them. One Important thing to discuss is that the sins of the eyes is not about looking at someone inappropriately. To see someone in a sense of humiliating or look at someone with envy is also a sin of the Eyes.
It is interesting that while Fasting you get angry on petty issues and that’s a not good thing. Fasting means to create a peaceful and happy environment. Then there is no purpose of fighting on such small issues while fasting.
An unfortunate and dangerous trend is emerging, in teens especially, that while fasting they keep sleeping through the day and stay awake at night. Also, people visit markets and other public places for amusements rather than going to Masjid to offer Taraweeh. Most people forget about Ramadan and don’t even follow the proper rules of fasting.

This is a very sad aspect. If we try to spend our nights worshipping in the holy month of Ramadan then our days will also reflect honesty and piousness. So make sure the rules we follow in the day while fasting, should not be neglected in the night. So, make it obligatory on yourself to offer your prayers in the mosque. Ramzan is a month of blessings and being helpful to others. Thus, during this holy month, we should try to bring wellness to our fellow humans, and creations of Allah. It is important that Ramadan brings significant changes in our lives and actions. Staying fit through this month means you know the formula of staying healthy in Ramadan. Also its blessing will rain upon us, only if we value the holy month of Ramadan. 

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