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Women and Islam Religion- A Comparative Perspective



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Women and Islam Religion- A Comparative Perspective

There has been massive contribution by Women in Islam religion from the ancient times but their contributions have been totally underestimated by the society. Moreover the role of Women in Islam religion was at the highest base in terms of human civilization.

Though clearly today this thinking is not maintained but in the deepest of the unconscious mind this thinking is still alive in the Muslim society and it appears in covert ways.

Women in Islam religion: The beginning of major religions

The larger issue here is that all the religions of the world had changed and they thinks that circumstances are totally different from today. They are going to think that these days, society is suffering from the ultra-patriarchal stage, and especially favoritism against women cannot be accepted today. As the world is moving towards the union concept against the reductionism. It is like that we are living in our own life and others are living their own life.

Women in Islam religion: Combined action for Association

The requirement of World is unification rather than reductionism. Islam is not based on the multi-religious, multi-culture society, but all Muslims are proud of their religion and culture but above all they should be proud to be the human. Human existence exceeds from all cultures and religions even today the human species is still persisting.

Women in Islam religion: Reductionism fails in due course;

History is evidence of the fact that any society, which was based on negative change, failed sadly. The treatment with the ladies in ancient Rome is something which we cannot imagine now. Any religion, or political movement is bound to respect the ladies. Respect is a great leveler, as it connects us to the universe and shows the humanity, which is lifetime.

Women in Islam religion: Example of human genetics;

Now let's come to the Islam religion. Again if you look at the human body of human and ladies we can get answers that every single religion is based on union and not division. The first genetic code that is seen in every single human being is called the DNA. Similarly the brain of every single women is made from the original DNA that are normally found in the body cells.

Women in Islam religion: The common genetic code

What does it mean? It means that the common genetic code is the DNA does not change for the ladies. But the same DNA have different mRNAs and Proteins for different cells. We also see that similar kind of cells produce similar kind of mRNAs & proteins.

Women in Islam religion: Women as saviors of the human race

If everybody is able to understand this universal truth, life would have been a little better. I believe that women have great understandings of some basic principles of unification and they can be the saviors of the human species. We need to study this in-depth to reinforce the role, which is normally played by the women in religion for achieving the main purpose of union.

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