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Never blame your child for distorting mindset

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Never blame your child for distorting mindset

Sometimes parents regret their child even in small things which makes child very sensitive and insecure. When parents sparks on child they blench up. When a kid is treated violently and thread with hues and apathy, an insensitivity is created in their mind which remain no normal.

Seriously, I have seen many parent who just to save themselves from stress and anger show an agony on child by screaming and beating them to calm their own mind but they forget that what kind of immeasurable mess contaminated mind they are introverting in child through their aggressive behaviors.

In such stance of life child abolish childishness and leads in becoming intolerable, stubborn and aggressive. The little that once were perceptive to be a shining star, wilted away.

According to psychologist’s studies, the most grooming age is between 10-18 years in which human minds develops. In this age they understand capacity of words from others. In this pace, child that learns words capacity from others develops mind in actual lasts forever. Such thinking is developed by the observations and experiences. And the things that last in such years are hardly to forget and is acknowledge for lifetime.   

It is hard to believe but actual disastrous experience that impacts children is social environment in which school, friends, parents, relatives and all the society behavior pressure is impose. Especially fights taking place violently between parents makes child’s mind distorted how its parents are mistreating each other.

It might ignore by parents about the language they use especially some ironic words used for each other, witnessing mother if hit by father, sobbing and weeping all these are pictured bombastically is mind of a child.

Making mess is easy but evaporating the mess by ones choice is not only difficult, but unremarkable.

Undoubtedly, mother’s love is priceless and the bonding between child and mother is much stronger than father. In this way just imagine how to remove the image in child mind about of being abused mother by his own father is removable! On the other hand if a same child is beaten by his father mercilessly become villain.

Such a way some of the injuries made by close ones specially parents is not removable in any way and later whatever affection they show towards child is tangled by furious and love and that feeling is neither love or nor hatred but worthless.

That why it is always recommended to parents that whatever issue is among them don’t ever try to disclose it in front of your child either it’s of any age because it emphasize a bitter effect on child and specially the relation in most cases is distorted between child and its father in many situations. How much father owe to please his child the memory he gained from fight is indelible! And such measurements should not be neglected at this age if a child behavior is intolerable about his parent then he should be treated with love and affection either violence or restriction.

So here are some ways to halt unforgettable harm stuff from child minds.

-Take out a time from your busy schedule of work for your child on daily basis.

-Spend some time by his/her activities they did in a day.

-Be a friend.

-Ask him/her to share their secrets with you as you are his/her secrets keeper.

-Know their friends and personally meet them to know if he/she is in a good company of people.

-If you don’t get a time to spend with your child everyday make sure to call them as if you are missing them.

-Treat your child as a special person and try to manipulate their negative thoughts with positive stuff.

-Try to know each thing about your child’s activity.

-Give them a forehead kiss at night as it show care and affection.

-If they share any non-vulnerable secret with you than don’t get furious or hyper immediately, instead of it try to make them understand with good examples i.e. Islamic stories or if you have experience it then do share with them, if not then create a good moral story for them.

These are some of the helpful ways to tackle contaminated mind of the child and also are the savage from sinking of father and child relation boat.

These will absolutely create a good image over any frustrated memory and will help your child’s rotten mind.

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