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The Perception of Education in Islam



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The Perception of Education in Islam

As an Islamic activist I think Islamic Education is not everyone’s affair. In Islam the morale of educated Muslims is much respectful. Muslim are spread in the whole world and they are the signs of peace and happiness with common ethical values.
On the other hand in Islam it preserve traditional values of different communities on the law of equilibrium.
Even in Holy Quran a whole surah is consumed on enlightening the importance of knowledge “Read as Iqraa. The first word that was revealed by Allah SWT were ‘Iqra’ which means Read.
As a believer and a non-believer a person is bestowed with different quench of steroids bucket embedded in our souls. We recruits our thoughts in feelings and emotions whereas we think that our deeds and feelings are only seek by ourselves, which is indeed also revealed to Allah Almighty.   
Educated people are close to Allah but remember that an educated person doesn’t mean a rich person with money. It means ‘a brainy person’ who knows the difference between right and wrong stuff, a good adviser, worth with opinions, a retraining speaker who has the potential to conserve the attention of people towards good words phrasing ‘preacher’ and you know the preacher of Islam is Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He was the educationist of Islam with a book Holy Quran.
Let me tell you that Islam in the world is considered as the conservative religion despite other religion which is heaped wrongly. As we have forget that women in dark ages were buried alive but after Muhammad (P.B.U.H) birth he headed off the coercive cycle of inequality in genders rights and gave the perception of equality and rights in man and woman.
In Islam the concept of liberation is synthesized to ones sealing notion no one has the right to interpret others liberation while comparing religion.
Some of the hypocrites have prompted the choice in Islam but in real phenomena either you accept Islam or neglect Islam exist. But due social changes people have imposes their own thoughts of dilemma in religion for their own ease that is however wrong in the perception of Islam. Where Quran has simplified through the verse,
 “Seeking knowledge should aim to initiate in the learner a spiritual and moral consciousness which leads to an increase in imaan (faith) that manifests itself as virtuous deeds leading to yaqeen (certainty) which are all constantly emphasised in the Quran”.
According to famous Islamic philosopher quote, “If a man reads a hundred thousand scientific subjects and learns them but does not act upon them, his knowledge is of no use to him, for its benefit lies only in being used.”
It is to some point relates to wealth of that person who doesn’t accumulate its wealth for the Almighty willing. In the same way knowledge is acquired to pass from one person to another for its beneficial growth.
Like knowledge the illustrator of distributing knowledge must be responsible of leading his personal life on the path as they are illustrating it to others by their profession.
In Islam learning is the process that develop with the aging process. But learning comes from imitation because we psychologically attain others perception either in good or bad affirmations. Similarly, as parents want to make their child educated through good morale teachers. At many places in Quran the importance of knowledge is revealed at different places. Even in Quran it is mentioned that the Holy Prophet is the teacher who is sent to the world to teach and the Lord has chosen Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) on his attributes and wisdom of knowledge.

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