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4 Moves that designed for the students to Get flat belly



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4 Moves that designed for the students to Get flat belly

Are you a fitness freak student? Are you ready for the magical lower abs workout? Wanted to get a tight stomach in limited time of period without doing so many crunches? Then you should do the below mentioned Moves at your own home.

 Russian Twist;

If you wanted to target the obliques, then you should do this exercise. But I would recommend you to do this exercise with the ball or a torsion bar.  It is very easy to do this exercise. You just need to sit on the floor with your knees up and grip the bar with your hands properly. Now you have to raise your heels from the ground to the left side and then to the right. Remember one thing that your back should be straight, keep your core engaged and your eyes follow the good rotation.

Torsion Bar Sit-Up;

"This exercise is similar to the sit-up but you have to add the weights to challenge your abdominal. I would recommend you to do this exercise with the dumbbell.
Lay down on your back, up your knees, grip the bar with both hands by the side of shoulder width and Lift the bar in a “bench press” position.

Lift the upper body into a sit-up, but make sure that your arms should be straight. While doing this exercise, your main aim is to press your arms so you can lift the bar into the upper position as much as possible.


V-Ups are considered to be the perfect abdominal exercise for the student, because it engage your core and work best for upper, lower abdominal muscles and back muscles. If you want to do this exercise on the advanced level, then stretch your hands. You just need to Lie down on the back, extend your arms overhead with the palms in the opposite direction of ceiling. But don’t forget to keep your legs straight with your feet together.

Now lift your upper body and your legs at the same time until your body comes in the "V" shape and then extend your hands toward your toes. In a very slow manner, back down your lower. For a greater challenge, try not to touch the floor in the lower down position.


This is one of the best and simple exercise for the student who want to flatten their belly. You just need to lie on your back, bent your knees in the right angle and extend your left leg. Keep your arms on the floor at shoulder level with your hips but keep it 2 inches above from the floor. Raise your hips in to the straight line from your shoulders towards your left foot. Hold yourself in this position for 2 seconds, then do it again. You have to Do 10 to 15 reps on each side of this exercise. If you want to make this exercise harder for you then cross the arms over chest.

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