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A complete guide to Website Analytics Tools for digital marketing students

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A complete guide to Website Analytics Tools for digital marketing students

Online marketing, one of the fastest advertising way for promoting or marketing a product and services. Do you have your own website regarding products or services? Do you want to promote it? Do you have a less time? Then you must use the below mentioned web marketing tools for your website. Promotion on Social Networking Sites will not only increase the product visibility in a short time of period, but also these tools helps you to analyze and boost up your website in a proper manner.

  1. Google Analytics Tool: 

One of the most powerful analysis tool that can be download from the Google freely. This tool helps you to generate the detailed reports on the topic of blog or website traffic, keywords, visitors, landing pages, bounce rate and many more. Google Analytics is the most widely used tool for the SEO Analysis along with the wide range of features and choices.
  1. Google AdWords Tool: 

Google AdWords, one of the most demotic and strong tool for the keyword analysis. This SEO tool helps you to search the most related keywords in Google search engine results. This tool filtered the Keywords in three possible ways - Wide-ranging, Exact and Idiomatic matches. This tool help you to get the keywords related to your website. You just need to enter any specific keyword and get the keyword searches as regards of global & local.
  1. SEOQuake: 

SEOQuake, one of the famous add-on extension for internet browsers who loves to use the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For website analysis this is the popular browser extension. This tool gives you the knowledge about inbound & outbound links, indexed pages, no follow, Page Rank, and much more about the particular web page.
  1. BacklinkWatch: 

BacklinkWatch, one of the best, free and advanced backlink checker. It gives you details about the No. of backlinks, Google PageRank, and No follow attribute. It takes data from Yahoo! web index and analyzes your web page deeply.
  1. SEMRush: 

Another online analysis tool which provide you the competitor’s keywords, organic links and paid Google search results. SEO Quake Company developed this tool. This tool is available in Free and Pro version both. With the help of this tool you can easily get basic keywords, urls of site, detailed report of about per day queries. You can even download this report in Excel and CSV files.
  1. iBusinessPromoter (IBP): 

IBP, one of the best, top and best SEO software available for website promotion, optimization and to track the results of internet marketing and SEO activities.

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