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How to Achieve Work Life Balance as a Dedicated Tutor



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How to Achieve Work Life Balance as a Dedicated Tutor

Being a tutor can be very rewarding, but before you throw your hat in the ring, it is important to be well-informed about what you're getting yourself into. The dedication and commitment it takes to be a tutor are very different than other jobs — in fact, it can sometimes feel like a second (or third—or even fourth) job on top of your normal responsibilities. What's challenging about this line of work is that you are not only responsible for your performance, but also for the success of your students — which can be overwhelming! Not to mention, being a tutor is not something you can do half-heartedly. You have to be prepared to fully commit yourself and make sure that you are ready for the demands of this type of work. Nini’s tutor provide competent home tutor for different educational boards. Following are some of the ways that can be helpful for teachers to balance their work and home life.

Set work hours and strictly stick to them

When you set teaching hours, it helps to eliminate distractions for both you and your students. You know when class starts and stops without having to worry about what your schedule is going to be like each day


Take a break when you need one

If you're working as a tutor because it's your passion, then don't worry about taking time off or even taking an entire break from tutoring altogether. If it's really something that you love doing, then you'll be able to come back with renewed enthusiasm and focus once you've had some time away from the job.  A good way to achieve this balance is by setting aside time for yourself each day, such as going for a walk or reading a book.


Manage your time and energy appropriately

Do your best not to overbook yourself. For example, if you want to go out with friends one night but have two sessions scheduled during that time, don't cancel on them! It's rude and unprofessional. Instead, ask your clients if they could change their appointment times or reschedule altogether so that you can have a bit of change in your daily routine.

Draw lines between work and personal life

It's hard to draw lines between teaching and the rest of your life. But it's important because teachers shouldn't only be educators; they should also be role models. And being able to differentiate between the two roles is essential for both parties' growth and development.


Off the clock - off the work

When you are off the clock, you shouldn't have to worry about making lesson plans or grading papers; those things can wait until tomorrow.
At the core of it, you have to find a way to make tutoring work with your other commitments. For some people, this is as simple as ensuring they only tutor in their spare time. Others may decide that they'd be better off quitting one of their other jobs to free up more time. Ultimately, finding the right balance is going to depend on what works for you and your needs as an individual.

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